Yeah, but I kind of gauge it by where it falls into the article, too. if the article is long, i’ll usually include “history” in the list of standard starting words. When it’s applicable, there’s almost always a section named history. The location of “war” is in that section might determine whether it is something wartime or something that’s been around longer. And in any case, it eliminates stuff that wouldn’t include that war in the range.

In this case, it wasn’t the war itself that gave me any clue, it was the word army.

Oh I got hits. That was part of the problem.

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That’s what’s challenging, some times. You’ll get no hits for animal for an article about an animal. Or get lots of hits for, say, film, for an article not about a film.

6, 100%

Really thought I was gonna get it in four.

13 - 77%

I solved today’s Redactle (#122) in 48 guesses with an accuracy of 66.67%.


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That’s impressive. I’d be curious to see your guesses.

29 - 55.17%

My first guesses were scientific fields. Physics gave me some hits, so I went down that rabbit hole a bit.

x, mathematics, differential, equations, equation, calculus

I’d be curious what branch of math people guessed first when they guessed mathematics.
I started with linear algebra.

9 88.89%

Mine were one, level, x, y, are, dimensional, derivative, calculus, differential. They were all pretty much just trying to fill in until the last two words. The first two were from the first paragraph (and level was just a totally wild guess), then all the rest were based on the last paragraph of the Derivative section.

76, 59%

I got a ton of hits, something about math, computers, something about numbers, I finally got electronic at 72 and figured it out. Really tap dancing all around it and thinking it was something more complicated than a calculator.

151 58.94%

I got device pretty early and got to where I knew there was a hand-held version, but somehow I kept thinking of mechanical and never tried the word electronic. When I did finally start thinking electronic, my mind was stuck on watches, media players, and phones. I finally got it when I filled in enough to get that it became popular in the mid-1970s. I felt like I should have gotten it way earlier.

143 - 47.55%

I got that it had to do with math and numbers and it’s something children use in schools. I got hung up on the historical versions and measurements of size. Once I got computers and addition, subtraction and multiplication, it was my next guess

111 - 50%

I solved today’s Redactle (#123) in 121 guesses with an accuracy of 50.41%.

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28, 82%

I saw some things that made me think it was science, a couple of inequalities and a lot of single letters running around. I started with force, gas, pressure, physics, and got enough hits to stay in that direction. Engineering, fluid, flow, water, not so much. Temperature was guess 27 with 60 hits and heat felt like a good next guess.
I also saw that there was a pretty darn long word in there, and ‘thermodynamics’ did not come to mind, that would be a helpful word to know.

35 82.86%

My first word after about 20 starters was chemistry, followed a few later by physical, so good start. I got a bunch of hits on phase, equilibrium, melting, etc. But I got the answer accidentally by trying entropy and enthalpy and noticing both had a section title _ _ _ _ and Entropy/Enthalpy. Heat seemed obvious word to fill in there. I hadn’t considered it for the topic yet.

113 - 65%