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So has chatgpt advanced in math? I thought it was pretty bad at math.

I mean, could chatgpt earn a BS degree in math? Yeah. Does chatgpt understand that its total BS? No, Chatgpt doesn’t get jokes.

Ok. Chatgpt is a dick.

My old teacher/mentor at University is now President elect of the IfoA.

Interesting times indeed.

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No mention of Kewpie…




Oh North Carolinans will fiiiiight you over their claim of Duke’s’s superiority.

I just don’t like mayo, so :man_shrugging:.

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I’m disappointed that SpellsBee is not accepting “EMBIGGEN” as a word. :face_with_diagonal_mouth:


It’s a perfectly cromulent word.


I almost added that to my post, but figured someone else would!


As a native, can confirm. I am in the minority that really just doesn’t care that much though.

People in Georgia can also be fanatical about Duke’s mayo.

Pretzel sticks are pretty meh. Peanut butter is good, but not my favorite thing. Pretzel sticks with peanut butter are delish.


Boogers are a lot like peanut butter.

They both come in two main varieties.

The main occupation of the residents of the very large town that I grew up in was that of underwater explorers — Recreational Divers, Technical Divers, Commercial Divers, Scientific Divers, Military Divers, Free Divers, Professional Divers, Cave Divers, Wreck Divers, Ice Divers, Search and Rescue Divers, Open Water Divers, Advanced Open Water Divers, Rescue Divers, Master Scuba Divers. There were so many different kinds that I guess you could say it was a diver city.

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My wife is two pairs away from having 100 pairs of shoes. I’ve got 15 and I’m thinking about doing some pruning.

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Your wife has some catching up to do with Imelda Marcos.


i think 12, doesn’t feel like a lot, as i never have to think about which shoe to pick, the outfit decides. Maybe 13, as i get a sandal for everyday (I call my landal), as the beach sandal gets too beat up, the landal becomes the sandal. Just not delivered yet

Brown dress
Black dress
Black tux/ very dressy
Brown casual summer
Brown casual winter
Black casual
Everyday sneakers
Going out sneakers
Beach sandals
Work boots
Snow boots

not counting old sneakers i keep for dirty yard work, painting etc

not counting slippers

I’m not too far off. I’ve got two pairs black dress shoes, two pairs brown dress, pair of grey dress shoes. And one pair of brown leather shoes that are nice but less dressy.

Casual shoes: four pairs of sneakers (one pair needs to go), pair of driving shoes, beach sandals. And another pair of sandals I don’t love, haven’t worn in forever, should toss.

Work shoes: old sneakers for yard work, snow boots, and a really old pair of Doc Martens I should toss.

Americans never pay their diplomatic bills.

We should pay the congestion charge fees??? You brits are the ones driving on the wrong side of the road.