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Lol, that was unfortunate.

My mother has four kids and can’t even name the month any of us were born. Worse, we celebrated birthdays when we were young, and we celebrated my brother’s birthday wrong until he was old enough to need to pull a birth certificate to get his sin number lol.

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I know the birthdate, day, month and year, for each person in my immediate family - and that’s 9 people. Turns out, I’m the only one who does. I can’t help it, my brain just remembers dates too easily. So I probably take it a little too personally when others don’t remember mine.

I don’t remember birthdays generally, including my own. I remember my kids though, day, month and year. My spouse’s birthday I can remember if challenged and I think about it. Sometimes I’ll deflect the question with ‘wait, before I answer that, what’s your sister’s birthday?’ since they’re identical twins.

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She’s studying again…

Looks like she’s wrapping up. She might be at it again tomorrow.



Chase must have recently removed their withdrawal limit from savings accounts, my banking app no longer tells me how many I have used for the month.

Or they don’t want you to know as you’re more likely to exceed the limit if you can’t easily track it. And then they get to hit you with more fees.


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Google seems to think that Chase got rid of it, so here’s hoping they really did!

Our cleaners are very upfront about their issues… Like how they were trying to get set up with a credit card processor and got popped on a background check for something 27 years ago.

Which is annoying I’m sure, but also isn’t something I’d share with clients. Especially when they went further and started talking about how they should sue the bank for (???) because apparently the background check was buried in the fine print of the privacy policy which they didn’t read, and that’s illegal(???)

They’re decent folk and do good work for pretty cheap, so whatever. Not something I’d share!

I have personally driven the entire length of Interstates 90 and 75 and either driven or been a passenger in the car for probably 90% of Interstates 5, 70, and 95.

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all of 95

95% of 80

Y’all need to get out more

nearly all of 70
about 80% of 80
about 50% of 40

interstates 50 and 60 are bogus in that map

about 75% of 25
about 30% of 55
about 15% of 5
about 5% of 15

A Canadian acquaintance of mine just bought a beach-side pad in South Africa.

People are trying to explain to them that the SA situation is trending for the worse.

But to no avail. Sigh.

Went to a random store selling - among other things - multiple copies of these for $2 and $5:

Reminds me of all the trophies on top of a filing cabinet in an infrequently trafficked part of the office when I worked for ABC company.

I should invent an organization just so that it awards me trophies.


Overheard in the office:
Walking by women’s lavatory, one woman was standing in the doorway and speaks loudly to a woman (presumably) inside, “LET ME KNOW WHEN YOURE DONE.”

At a prior company we had to take regular trainings for the normal things like Phishing Awareness, Sexual Harassment, Discrimination, etc.

At the end there was a certificate to print.

So we began printing them and posting them to an outside of our cubicles as an ironic “award”. Until more people started doing it… and they began accumulating throughout a few years… and suddenly many people had 25 “I passed Cyber Security on February 3rd, 2015” and similar things plastered around in 2019 and management said “ok guys that’s enough, take it down”.


At my parents house and they still have a cup from the Barnum and Bailey circus they took me to as a young child (maybe 5-7?). It’s seen better days.


On the farm I worked at, I had a coffee cup with my name on it, itd be almost 45 years old now. I used to get coffee in it every time I visited through the years.
Sadly, both of them have passed so I only visit the graves now when I go home. Their son in law now owns the farm and I don’t really know him, so I don’t visit. But I bet it’s still there.

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