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i occassionally play Immaculate Grid, i like the stat heavy ones, skip the Teams Only ones

Amazed the lowest score was StL 30 SB, as they have had two of the historically best SB leaders (4 if you go pre 1900)

#44 for the Ravens, Marlon Humphrey, is wearing his breathe right nasal strip way too high on his nose, imo.

I was nerding out with a friend and we decided that the only scores in football that are not possible are 1-0, 1-1, 2-1, 3-1, 4-1, 5-1, 7-1. We think every other score is possible, however unlikely. (For example 4-0 or 4-3 implies a team got two 2-point safeties and nothing else, which is improbable, but possible. 4-2 means one team got two and the other team got one, so that’s a particularly improbable score… but possible! 4-4 is just nuts, but similarly possible.)

Covered here


I misread that at first. The green is what’s actually happened and the white is what’s possible? That’s cool.

According to their graph my friend and I were right about what’s possible.

Massive layoffs at Sports Illustrated

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As far as I know, a defense has never scored a try-after-touchdown safety. Defense would have to return the ball, fumble, offense recover outside the end zone, then intentionally go back into the end zone and be downed. I don’t see that ever happening.

Upon further review, while one-point safeties have happened in the NCAA, never by the defense. So yeah, pretty unlikely.

For some reason I was thinking that if, on a PAT attempt, the defense recovered the ball and ran it back to the offense’s end zone that was a one-point safety. But Wikipedia doesn’t mention this possibility. If that scenario happens is it a touchdown?

There’s a twitter bot for NFL Scorigami that updates on chances a game will end on a unique score and whether it did. A scorigami still happens fairly regularly. I see one happened on 12/31:

Another one happened on 12/14:

Didn’t look back any farther.


what is the lowest winning score in a unique game?

You can toggle the frequency in that link @SteveGrondin posted above

The answer is 5-3, Frankford Yellow Jackets vs NY Giants

The frequency thing had one thing that surprised me: one score is far and away the most frequent having happened 290 times. Next most frequent have happened 233, 202, 200 times.

Care to guess?



2 pts

I remember that game!

The rematch the following day was much more high scoring


Not really. Frank 14 York 0

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Correct. Before the two point conversion was introduced to the NFL it would’ve been one point…the same if the scoring team advanced the ball into the endzone instead of kicking it through the uprights.

I also have a recollection that at one point the play was ruled over as soon as the defense gained possession , as in, a failed try…but I may be misremembering OR confusing it with other leagues’ rules.


Ah, which was 1994. I probably learned that rule before 1994 and didn’t realize that the 2PC changed the intercepted PAT scoring.

So yeah, a 1-point safety by the defense seems near-impossible now.

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Fansided articles read like they were written sixth graders.

Still getting used to the idea this is a legitimate Conference Leaderboard:

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