Random Sports Thoughts

We had this thread on the AO and I found it to be a good place for me to deposit my one-off thoughts, so here we go…

From the news, “Alex Rodriguez and businessman Marc Lore have signed a letter of intent to negotiate with Minnesota Timberwolves owner Glen Taylor to purchase the NBA franchise”.

Along with Vikings, now there are two Minnesota teams owned by a guy with the nickname A-Rod.

He also made a bid for the Mets, guess he just wants to own a team, doesn’t matter which sport

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DWade co-owning the Utah Jazz is weird

Saw a post by a FB friend about her daughter who plays college softball. The article said she hit a walkoff 2 run home run in the 2nd game of a double header. Her team won the second game 12-4.

I understand what happened, but I probably would not have referred to it as a walkoff homer.

Is it the ten-run rule or something? …probably “something” since they only won by…borrow the ten, subtract one from one, minus four is eight…they only won by eight runs.

Yeah, the NCAA run rule for softball is 8 runs after 5 innings. So home team got a 2 run home run in the bottom of the 5th putting them up by 8 which ended the game.

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It will be an interesting trivia question at some point in the future:
In what year were the 2020 Summer Olympic Games held? (Never mind that the official name is “Games of the XXXII Olympiad”.)

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It just dawned on me that the 2nd seed in the NFC or AFC could conceivably host three playoff games…whereas, the 1st seed, can host, at most, two.

Same for the 3rd seed (this year), right? (Up to 3 playoff home games, unless it’s either the Chargers or Rams in seed 2 or 3, then conceivably they could “host” 4)

ooh…I didn’t consider that possibility. You’re right! …(also on your parenthetical comment)

wth does “SHAHTAHT” mean? Would I get it if I listened to the PM show?

Why couldn’t the 4 seed also? If 4 def 5, 6 def 3, 7 def 2, then 4 would host 6 in second round. Then if 4 def 6 and 7 def 1, then 4 hosts again in the championship round.


You are right, Grizz.

Looks dumb, but Midwestern for “shout-out”? Joe Buck gave a shout-out to McAfee during the Packers-Ravens game.

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The series of beeps before downhill skiing at the Beijing Olympics are Bs, the last one being an octave higher.

Aikman is leaving Fox for MNF.

Sean Peyton?

Yeah…one talking head suggested him, but then also mentioned that he’s so new that they wouldn’t want to give him in the #1 spot right away because that’s not what fox did with someone else…but isn’t that what cbs did with Romo?

Kevin James?

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Antonio Brown with Jim Nantz