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Might walk out mid broadcast


Tom Brady

Big Ben

I find the Golf Digest has some of the best articles on the NFL.

I’m watching the NCAA Women’s College World Series. I haven’t seen any player-in-the-field wearing a baseball cap. I’ve seen a few wearing a visor. Most are cap-less. I find this intriguing.

I have seen one softball player w a full hat. My daughter did it when she was switching from baseball to softball.

The visor does the job without having to constrain the ponytail or braids

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From Steve Kerr Explains Benching Draymond Green Late in Game 4

The head coach decided to bench Draymond Green for windows down the stretch since Green was struggling so much in the game and series.

WTH does “for windows” mean?

He was replaced with Kevon Looney.

He was wide open, nothing but air.

Get with the hip jargon of today, old man.

(BTW, I just made that up.)

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windows of time

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Just like the Common Man, I’m hip and now, with it and wow…I’m also old and have no idea what those damn kids are talking about.

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Hmm…I’ve never heard that phrase used in that context…interesting.


The number of healing-miracles that happen on a football pitch is amazing. There must be some divine power in that football because this guy was writhing in pain, nearly dead. Then, as the ball got closer to him, he all of a sudden was able to, not just get up from the dead, but run at a sprint, fully healed.

Well, you have to determine the nature of your own injury. Could be broken, could be just a minor scrape. Best to err on the safe side.

I think the number of actual injuries on a fuh-baw field is more alarming than this. And, that no one seems to want to lower them. And that TV networks even cut to commercials, cuz money, and cuz no one wants to deter any youngsters from playing (or their parents from letting their kids play).