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Not to mention if you keep them properly inflated . . . IIRC, you should look at the “chart” that comes with your car (often on the driver’s door somewhere) for the proper inflation level and NOT on the tire itself.

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I forget . . .

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Have you ever known a debutante? Were any of you debutantes?

My (older) cousins were debutantes at a fancy schmancy NYC club.


What is my neighbor doing? Has a propane tank, a hose, and looks to be using fire to kill things around his yard. Is this how we tackle weeds now?

Well, fwiw, that’s what we do with road ditches back in MN… especially in the country…usually nowhere near a house, though.

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looks like propane, but could it be a chemical weed killer or insecticide?

Do those typically use fire also?

no, did you see flame?

Yeah, you can kind of see it in that pic if you zoom in quite a bit.

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I’ve heard of people using that method to eliminate weeds in pavement cracks or in between pavers. Seems like a bad idea near the house but IANALandscaper.

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They also just had a baby not two weeks ago, and have a toddler under the age of 2, so I definitely question their thinking. Or maybe they’re too sleep-deprived to make smart choices about propane and fire that close to their home?

The fire risk is relatively low and confined in time. It is also not the propane that is the majority of the risk, it is the plant material. Some people think glyphosphate residue is a higher risk. I probably wouldn’t use due to ability to focus the damage on the weed.


That was my first thought too… that the idea was to reduce chemical pesticides. Not sure how the environmental friendliness of the propane compares to pesticides though.

Propane’s environmentally friendliness is a wider distribution of harms compared to herbicides applied to your lawn. There is probably a trace amount of benzene (which is a big nasty) and other volatiles in the propane, but they would disperse fairly quickly.

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Do you peel a nectarine before eating? (You personally, not how everyone does it.)

For some reason I had a mandarin orange in my head, not a nectarine, and I was trying to figure out what kind of question that even was.

No, I do not peel a nectarine, but I don’t love the skin either.

I enjoy eating fresh ripe nectarines with the peel on. :slight_smile:

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is that a thing?