Random questions

Why does the dog feel the need to follow me into the bathroom or wait outside door?

I read somewhere it’s a protective instinct. Or mebbe Echo is a sick, twisted doggo…

Mine do the same. Extreme loyalty? Curiosity?

Just wait til the kid starts up with that, too.

My DIL’s cat does the same.

That makes sense. They’re pack animals. “I’ll protect you so you can concentrate on going and then you do the same for me” probably helps them survive in the wild.

I’ve heard the “pack animal protection” thing before. It seems reasonable. My wife talks about our dogs exhibiting this behavior towards her.

My question is: Why don’t any of my 3 dogs follow me into the bathroom or wait outside the door?

Probably social hierarchy. You are at the bottom.


“Just wait” implies that’s not already happening.

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Cats do it too. My boy cat loves watching the toilet flush. As soon as I am finished he props his two front feet on the seat and watches the whoosh.

When you’re zesting a lemon, do you want mostly the yellow part, the white part, or does it matter?

Just the yellow part. :+1:



Try to get as little white as possible.


Are you making something special for a certain special someone??? :heart_eyes:



It also never ends (or hasn’t with our kids). It’s like they have nothing to say until I go sit down and then it’s “I have to talk to you right now about this thing that won’t matter in 5 minutes because you’ll be done.”


It was for a sour cream & mayo topping that had lemon juice and zest. I thought it was fine but was told it was too lemony.

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And you get called the picky one? Pshaw!

No such thing. Mmm, lemony.

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Is…is Marcie…defending me? Where’s the unbelievable thoughts thread?

I know, right?

Nothing personal. Just calling balls & strikes as I see 'em.