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April: LA Supreme Court ruled that priests couldn’t be sued by sexual assault survivors during a look back window:

Later in that month, a new search warrant is issued, suspecting the Archdiocese of New Orleans of being involved in a sex trafficking ring.

What if it’s actually autism that causes vaccines? :thinking:


Go Team Aspie!


Boeing continues on its downward path…

Lots of people are now actively trying to avoid flying any of their planes over here in Europe.

Meanwhile Boeing spokesperson Hilltasha Clintovsky has no comment on the suicided whistleblowers.

Sales of raw milk in the U.S. have risen 21% since bird flu was first confirmed in dairy cattle in late March, according to a report from PBS Newshour, citing new data from research firm NielsenIQ. Why on Earth would people drink raw milk at a time when pasteurization has been shown to kill the virus? Because some people believe intentionally being exposed to H5N1 will give them “immunity” to the disease. Seriously.

While there have been no known cases of human-to-human transmission of the virus, that has the potential to change if mutations occur. The World Health Organization has globally identified 889 human cases and 463 deaths from H5N1 since 2003, putting the mortality rate at roughly 52%.

Social media platforms like TikTok and Twitter have plenty of anti-science activists extolling the virtues of raw milk, and those influencers have seemed to only gain traction since bird flu was first detected in American dairy cows on March 25.

“What doesn’t kill me makes me stronger…”

“Yeah, but it could kill you.”

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463 Darwin Awards, amiright?

(Hopefully there are no kids among the 463.)

Something does not make sense if raw milk contains the virus, lots of people are drinking it, you can get the virus from drinking raw milk, the virus has a 50% CFR, and no one seems to be dying from it.

Bird Flu still has to make the jump from one avian organism (which it can kill efficiently) to the human in question.

What is “saving” these dimwits is that its not very efficient at crossing that barrier when ingested (vs the respiratory system).

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There is also a reason why pasteurization of milk became commonplace.

  1. Not all raw milk is contaminated

  2. Once the virus gets to your stomach it’s pretty hard to infect you as your stomach acids will kill it first… it has to get to the bloodstream before it reaches the stomach. Cuts in the mouth can do it. Gums heal pretty quickly, but if a person vigorously flossed and then drank contaminated milk shortly thereafter, and especially if they swished it around in their mouth, then that would be an entry point.

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But I think even with all that, it would still need a mutation of some sort to jump to the human?

If not, I would expect that since the sinuses are all connected in the back of the throat, you would have plenty of virus getting airborn and inhaled if all that was needed was it to get into the lungs to cause an infection.

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From 1880 to 1980, US life expectancy nearly doubled (39.41 to 73.25). Pasteurization and vaccines were two of the biggest factors in that, so let’s undo them. What’s next, letting aging pipes and sewer systems fall apart?

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Ultimately, the main driver of a virus is to replicate itself, so it will look for ways of doing this inside of a new host body.

In the human body, it has to find a way of replicating that evades the immune system sufficiently so that it survives. In most cases it would need to attach itself to a cell (via a receptor) in order to use the cells to replicate more of itself.

How a virus makes the jump from animal to human is not fully understood.

I suspect that in this case the bird flu virus (which has evolved in animals to infect the respiratory system) is not compatible with the cells that exist along the stomach/intestinal wall. And then, it very likely does not survive for very long as well because the acids in the stomach would very likely destroy it.

From the medical reports, the humans that have been infected from the virus have been in the abbatoir business (killing and skinning the animals) so they got exposed via the lungs (respiratory) and eyes (no protective goggles).

This is actually one of the reasons why people need to wear breathing equipment and protective eye equipment when dealing with dead animal bodies. This tends to be done in developed countries but not in others (developing and third world).

Of course, you can still get sick from raw milk (non virus related) due to bacteria, so I suspect you will see a bunch of people fall really ill from this.

hahahha idiot

Probably got sick due to bacteria.

I honestly believe that people should be allowed to buy raw milk if they really want to. It IS different, and some people strongly prefer the taste. The raw milk should be clearly labeled as such, but in a free country consumers should be permitted to make that choice, just as we are permitted to make other risky food choices. We don’t ban the sale of raw eggs or raw meat, and milk should be no different.

If you want to slap some mandatory warnings on there, fine, no problem.

I could get behind this under the same reasoning that we sell bleach, and a non-zero number of people actually did drink or gargle bleach in 2020.


Just slap big, mandatory warnings on about “Considered unsafe for human consumption by the FDA” or something.