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Huh, it’s called a SOTU in Wikipedia but then has a note on the actual page about it not really being a SOTU. But the 1982 one is called his “second” SOTU.


Many cities in the south have very high murder rates. In general, the murder rates in “Democrat run cities” in red states are much higher than such cities in blue states. I suspect the reasons why are complex and have little to do with recent policies. I think gun availability, poverty related to historical racial zoning laws, and education are important factors and all a bit intertwined.


Yesterday in work town downtown I saw a rickety older pickup truck with a US flag and a Confederate flag up in the back. :expressionless: Yes, you’re free to make your statement, but I don’t think you’re making the statement that you think you’re making.

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My wife & I had a good laugh over this one today.

Totally deserves it.

Brazil Police Recommend Criminal Charges Against Bolsonaro https://www.nytimes.com/2024/03/19/world/americas/brazil-bolsonaro-charges-covid.html?unlocked_article_code=1.d00.SyyV.sbQ_DOTEb169&smid=nytcore-android-share

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What is the point of the so-called “land acknowledgement statement”? It’s not as if the person or organization making the statement is going to ever actually turn over all land and real estate to the nearest local tribal leaders. It just sounds like an empty virtue signal at that point.


We get one of these at the beginning of every big divisional meeting. I guess it’s a nice sentiment, but ultimately an empty gesture.

Wait, what? What happens at the beginning of every big divisional meeting?

I’m not familiar with these “land acknowledgement statements”.

I’m envisioning them saying something along the lines of “We acknowledge that we are holding this meeting on tribal land wrongfully seized from the ABC Nation in the year 189X. But quarterly profits are up 19.7% so you’ll all be getting bonuses in recognition of this fantastic achievement. Hopefully the tribe has used some of their casino profits to purchase stock in our company, otherwise f*** those people.”

Is that the gist of it?

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More or less


Mine’s at a public university so not as much talk about profitability.


Isis be like “what’s a terrorist organization got to do to get responsibility for our terror?”

It’s fine, as the second article says, Putin declared total victory over ISIS in 2017.

Because Putin is always right and would never lie, ISIS didn’t attack.

“Mission Accomplished”

Drove by a car with a bumper sticker that said “I’m A Proud Boy Scout” (or maybe Parent Of … the post is the same either way). I couldn’t tell if it’s supposed to be proud {boy scout} or {proud boy} scout though. :thinking: (In my town it could be either one.)

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A person who scouts for the local Proud Boys?!?

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lol @ local, like chapters of a society … “Proud Boys Council 423 thanks you for your support for the new separate but equal playground facilities!”

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