Random Political Questions

New thread for when you have random questions of a political nature and don’t want to clutter up the “Random Questions” thread with political stuff. Inaugural question to follow.

I’m reviewing resumes and got one that lists as a bullet point in a section with other extra-curricular type stuff that is at least vaguely leadership-related the following:

  • [volunteer position] - Church of the American Freedom

When I Google “Church of the American Freedom” I get a hit for “American Freedom Church”. My question is: Is that the same thing?

I’m skeptical because there are so many other churches with similar sounding names that are actually quite different. Like United Church of Christ differs from Church of Christ differs from Church of God differs from Assembly of God.

But after poking around their website the American Freedom Church sounds… concerning to me. At best it seems like poor judgment to put such blatantly political stuff on a resume when applying for a non-political job. The resume is not short… pretty solid education & experience without that bullet point. So it’s not like the person was desperately trying to fill out the resume with anything.

The last thing I want to do is hire someone who will be spouting Big Lie stuff at work, and just listing that on the resume - if it is the same organization - gives me pause.

But if it’s something different then I don’t want to judge prematurely.

that resume would be tossed in a fire in the no pile for me. i don’t even think i need to google that church to know what it stands for.

That was my initial reaction too, but for reasons I won’t go into… it’s a little more complicated than that. This person is known to certain others in the office and that’s about as far as I want to go with that.

are you in a heavily conservative area of the country? if so, maybe this person thought this would be a bonus for them. if not, they are an idiot. even if this group is somehow harmless (which doubtful) it shows a lack of judgment to list it with a name like that and no real explanation of what it is.

This is exactly where I’m at, but before the resume was received there was bias in favor of hiring.

Maybe the others in favor of hiring are also part of this “church”? And he put it on there as a signal to “them.” And you are surrounded by “them.”

Conceivable, but doubtful.

Makes for a good plot to your novel, which you should write before you are disappeared by “them.”

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I definitely wouldn’t tell anyone you’re rejecting him based on his religious beliefs.

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No, and I actually believe this person isn’t even Christian (which is totally fine).

It would be out of concern for their political … not beliefs so much as concern for political attitude I guess?

Political beliefs is NOT a protected class at the federal level. You can literally post “Democrats need not apply” on a job posting or inform an applicant “we checked with the county and you are a registered Republican so buh-bye.”

I should check state and local laws though, as a lot of state and local laws do prohibit such discrimination and I know less about those.

It’s more a question of… do I risk saying something about someone that others are considering hiring?

Also, it’s not like we’re swimming in resumes from qualified individuals, so if this “Church of the American Freedom” is a nothingburger then I don’t necessarily want to lose out on an otherwise good candidate.

I would, but my coworkers are generally not dipshit freedom trumpers.

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  1. What other hits do you get?
  2. Based on what you know about other denominations, why assume that it’s the “same thing”?
  1. Has this person been interviewed? If not, why is an interview not being considered?
  2. I think you’ll get a far better feel about their “fit for the team” if you interviewed them and asked about that listing directly.

I probably won’t be on the interview team, unfortunately.

Not many. None if I put the whole thing in quotes.

Because I didn’t get any hits on the exact name, which seems odd to me.

That’s a shame, since you simply ask him to expound on this thing you see on his résumé, as I would consider it fair game.

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Yeah, definitely fair game for an interview. I was just wondering if anyone knew anything about this outfit, but it sounds like no one does.

I’m guessing it is made-up shit, or simply a personal statement.

Or, it’s dark-web shit that cannot be found with a regular Google search.

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Why in the world would you put that on a resume?