Random physical features you find unattractive

I’m not talking about normal or obvious things that others find unattractive, just weird things that turn you off. Somewhat inspired by this post:

I remember working on a project where one of the client employees we worked regularly with was very attractive to me: pretty face, nice body, and a pleasant personalty. One of my colleagues was completely grossed out by her because of her hands. She did have unusually shaped fingers and fingernails, which really bothered him a lot to the point of being distracted by it while working with her. Best way I can describe the appearance is that the top digit of her fingers was covered by more fingernail than normal. I noticed it, but it was no big deal to me.

A weird one for me: big gums. Doesn’t matter if you are a man or a woman, if you have really big gums relative to the size of your teeth it looks extremely unattractive to me.

I have a lot of random physical features I find attractive, but it’s hard to reverse it.

How about, a very specific hair length range of attractiveness resulting in both a too-long and too-short section of unattractiveness.

I wouldn’t mind that tangent here either for the truly random ones

Is long fingers random enough?

I thought nothing of the season 4 Stranger Things bad guy until he was doing his bad guy hand thing and I was like WHY IS HE SUDDENLY SO HOT?

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Oh yeah, that’s random. Was just trying to avoid uninteresting ones like short/tall, fat, bald,…

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Blonde hair. Cute on boys, weird on men.

I dunno, most things I find unattractive are personality, not physical. I could probably even be attracted to a blonde guy if he treated me like crap long enough.


I was very light blond as a kid, and it turned brown as I got older.

huge mole on face

Freckles can go either way.

I assume you are on team Mary Ann, vehemently anti Ginger