Question for introverts

I’m a classic introvert, but this pandemic has caused me to miss human interaction a lot. I even miss large social events, which I hated before. Anyone else starting to turn extraverted?

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I think I’m somewhat of a closeted extrovert. I’m a mix. I don’t think it’s just as simple as saying someone is one or the other. Humans are more complicated than that. I’m also shy and can have social anxiety, so it makes it hard to be around people. I’m not sure social anxiety makes one an introvert though.

and yes, this pandemic is driving me crazy. I want to join bowling again! I even want to work in an office again. I want to get drunk with campbell again. This sucks. IT’S BEEN A GODDAMN YEAR!!! A YEAR LOST!

Also, I go on an annual vacation with my mother and sister every March. it’s always to the same place since 2006. Prior to this pademic, I was so tired of it, and said we should go somewhere else. Last year, we did go, but got kicked out after like a day and a half due to pandemic. Now I really want to go back, even though prior to this, I was so tired of it and did it out of obligation.

I’m also freaking out that I wasted my life prior to this pandemic by not being social enough, and now I can’t.

Definitely me, though the process started a few years ago (amazing what loneliness will do). I live alone so 90% of my time is alone this past year, and that adds up quickly. (Somehow that doesn’t help the social anxiety though when I do get out. :woman_facepalming:) I’m still largely on the introvert side of the spectrum though.

I think it’s all about a healthy balance - not all socialization (a lot of which does come from being in the office), but also not all isolation too. I’m curious how much this shift towards being an extrovert is temporary, or if it’s long-lasting after life returns to normal post-covid.

i totally hear ya. Let’s get back to normal ASAP!

i’m wondering the exact same thing. Hopefully it’s long lasting, but probably just temporary

i’m missing old acquaintances that I never even thought of before

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Yes I miss everybody.

Introversion/extroversion is not a binary condition. There is a range.

I am an extremely introverted/asocial person. One of the things I’ve observed over the past year is that I’m interacting with others a bit more than I had pre-pandemic, because so many of those interactions have shifted online, and I’m far more comfortable with online interaction than in-person.

However, despite my introverted nature, I do like being around others if it’s not too crowded, if I don’t have to interact with them too much. I miss that.

Oh it definitely can be (hi).

This. Rememebr last April when everything really shut down? There were tons of people going on lunchtime walks and weekend bike rides (at least near me). Everyone you talked to though this was great. Get outside, spend time with family, enjoy being together. “We will so totally keep doing this. We should have been doing this all along.”

When things opened up a little again, less and less people out walking, jogging, riding.

I guess it wasn’t as fantastic as it once seemed…

For me introvert means you feel exhausted after interacting with people. Hanging out with people drains your energy, though you can appear extroverted during the intermingle. So after a happy hour, you might feel relieved to get home and be alone.

If you’re extroverted, being around people gives you energy.


I lean toward extrovert. On a scale of 1-100, 100 being highest extrovert and 1 being the severest introvert, I’d say I’m a 65-70.

I don’t have much issue being around groups of new people, but I do get a slight feeling on inadequacy when others seem to gel with others more easily.

It happened a lot when I was single.

I never had trouble talking to women for the most part, but I always faltered when there was a guy in the group who had and easier time.


I consider myself an introvert, but I still want to do things with other people, when I want and for as long as I want. So I want things to open up again, so this option is available both for me (once a week) and for extroverts (four times a week).

That’s true. I guess for me it happens at a slower rate these days than it did before covid. 1 hour socialization now is less exhausting than 1 hour a year ago. Putting it that ways does make it sound more temporary then…

:confused: why you in this thread? it’s a QUESTION FOR INTROVERTS.

I’m no doctor, but some doctor’s would call that depression.

but it’s exhaustion, not depression

My own depression is quite exhausting, YMMV.

I bring this up because that is something I distinctly noticed went away after starting anti-depressants, i.e., I didn’t have to go home and take a nap anymore after hanging out with friends because I wasn’t faking enthusiasm the whole time.

they certainly can be correlated. it’s possible the anti depressants just make you less responsive to things.

when I’m on xanax I get less anxious around people, and thus less exhausted during and afterwards.