Queen Elizabeth II (the non-RIP thread version)

for such a famous person this is not feasible

if it was me i’d just buy a castle somewhere and live in peace

megan would probably leave him if he did this but no worries, just fill the castle with fair maidens

The press would stalk him to his castle and take pictures of him with his fair maidens saying what a jerk he is

umm that would be trespassing and they’d go to jail

they hid well prior to snapping the photos and then published lots of sex and stuff with maidens.

or the maidens themselves have a hidden camera and wrote a tell all book about slut harry.

Did the gal who took the photo of Kate topless go to jail? I know she got a fine that was probably less than she was paid for the photos, but I don’t think she went to jail.

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most of the “real” celebrities - aka influencers with 10+ million followers, you guys probably have never heard of.

This is not the age of TV celebrities anymore.

yeah i was thinking of that. That was like some long distance camera. Just don’t be nekkid outdoors

gotta pick yer maidens well

harry isn’t a tv celebrity. what are you talking about?

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He is to most of the world.

No he isnt, and especially not to great britain. The royals have way more celebrity status in great britain than any instagram influencer who you’re claiming we have never heard of.

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hence “most of the world”.

I’m sure he is a celebrity to you. In the same vein, you don’t know a lot of the tik tok celebrities.

What the hell does this have to do with any point what so ever in this thread?

Oh you are on tik tok. You so cool. Why do you even grace us mere mortals who arent cool enough to think tik tok is anything less than stupid with your presence? You should find a website with way cooler people to hang out with, like now.

I’m not on tik tok.

My post was in response to the notion that he can’t ever live a “normal” life, or get a “normal” job.

There’s no need to get sour.

In great britain he certainly can’t. Are these tik tok influencers stalked by the press?

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Hence “most of the world”.

Im not so sure this is true in terms of the press will still stalk his every move even if he decided to become an actuary

Not sure what tik tok influencers have to do with that

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Since you cannot comprehend the logic of my posts, I advise you not to respond to my posts, as you know better.

And I shall do the same.