Queen Elizabeth II (the non-RIP thread version)

Will we be at half staff when President Xi JinPing dies?

He was renouncing none of his privilege… only his duty to not violate the teachings of the Church of England, of which he was the head.

He kept getting his Civil List allowance until his death.

And he made it abundantly clear that the ONLY reason he was abdicating was so that he could marry a person that the church said he couldn’t marry.

I might need to study more history. what did england do during WWII that Queen Elizabeth would hold any responsibility? Didn’t think the royal family had much power anymore.

as for the history of the royal family, I don’t hold the current members responsibility for that regardless of whether they keep their royal privilege.

I just don’t get being in tears over what amounts to a celebrity dying. actually, not just a celebrity, but one who didn’t even earn it. she was born into it. she also died from natural causes at a really old age.

Princess Elizabeth was a mechanic in the British … I think Army during WWII. She didn’t have to do so, but she chose to.

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how is that bad? my grandfather fought during WWII in the battle of the bulge. he posed in front of a taken down tank of the nazis in front of dead nazi bodies. it was badass. GO GRAMPIE FAN!

What i’m saying is, that seems pretty darn commendable of elizabeth in not having to but doing it anyway.

what did england do during WWII to make them bad? nazis bad.

I’m not sure. I don’t think it’s reasonable to hold Elizabeth accountable for all of the things her ancestors did. Especially things she reversed course on, such as England’s treatment of Ireland.


Russia’s side is always the bad side. Even when they are on the good team.

I mean I didn’t have any warm feelings toward her. Just trying to add excitement to your thread. Oh, she also sired Randy Andy. Thanks Liz!

Churchill diverted grain from Bangladesh that caused some 3 million or so deaths and it wasn’t an accident. Does that justify the war effort? It’s hard to simply say yes to these kinds of things so I’ve concluded that most major leaders of the war were horrible people regardless of what side they were on.

Yes, it’s sad that William’s grandmother is dead but I don’t think we need to attach any nostalgia to her death.


my grandmother died in 1989. i was sad.

i don’t really give a shit about william’s grandmother.

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The queen’s passing nor her living truly affected me. The Royals are a mere curiosity, similar to our sports heroes or Hollywood celebrities or music icons. Usually if I feel something, it’s something like, “Sheesh, I am getting older. People whose names I know are dying.”

I think I said in a post “may she rest in peace” and I said that out loud to a family member, it feels like a way to be respectful. I think I would say the same about most public figures.

Closer to home a family member of a business associate also passed away recently. I had the opportunity to post about them on a public forum (a sort of memorial page). I looked at tge page but did not post bc I only met the person once and I don’t know the family well. I watched a video about the person’s life and was inspired. I thought, “May they rest in peace.” I felt it would be inappropriate to say or do anything more.

Meaning, they shouldn’t be turning over in their graves, so a warning to those who might make them do that with their antics.

How does Elizabeth II get blame for that policy?

And while I don’t condone it and it’s horrific, I think it’d definitely fall into the “wars are horrible, people do what it takes to win” kind of mentality that drove the fire bombing of Tokyo and the atomic bombs.

Not to mention the carpet bombing of Germany.

But it’s true, in that regard, they were all the same. I’ve a family picture of a relative in a wedding picture where the bride looks uneasy and it’s because a German rocket is flying overhead towards London.

What I think is silly is all the people like “now time to end the monarchy!”

It’s similar to when non-Americans have strong views about who should and shouldn’t be our elected officials, a bit like I can make fun of my sibling but you can’t. If the British don’t want the monarchy then that’s up to them.

Quite a few countries in the commonwealth are now deciding whether to remove the English monarch as the head of state in their national constitution. It was very rare that the Queen stepped in but her representative did step in to dissolve parliament (forcing a general election) in a famous incident in Australia in 1975.

Oh yeah I’d be all for that if I was Canadian, etc. I just don’t really have a strong view about what should or shouldn’t be done with the monarchy because, as an American, I don’t have a monarchy. If people in Britain like having a queen/king then good for them. If I was British I wouldn’t want a monarchy but that’s their concern.

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I am comfortable with Canada being a parliamentary democracy and a constitutional monarchy. I would also be comfortable with a republic where the monarch is replaced by an elected president elected by a majority of individual voters’ votes (as opposed to an Electoral College type system.)

However Canadian parliamentary system has functioned well during my lifetime so I feel no pressing need for change. If it ain’t broke don’t fix it. Besides it would be complicated to change the current system which most people don’t appreciate.

I have never understood the fascination that some Americans have with the British royal family.

I do understand why the queen’s passing has a profound effect on some Brits.

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any famous family is interesting. That’s why they make movies and books about them