Priviledged people have always hated Asians before Covid

Only a few. Curious if they were her friends or just random strangers who shared her view that chanting this was somehow acceptable.

What a strange, racist person. Chinese food is great.

And it’s pretty Frenchy too. At one time half the country was bought off those frogs!

as a non-chinese asian, it is common knowledge in asian circles that chinese talk the loudest. Chinese (Mandarin?) is basically not a language that can be whispered (what little i know about it anyway)

also, every asian group has jokes about the other asian groups. Hate is all around us y’all

I commented on how loud an Asian coworker was on the phone.
She responded, really, I didn’t think I was usually that loud.
I mentioned a call about an hour earlier
She goes, oh, yeah, well that was my mom

my upstairs neighbor is chinese and she is loud, as is her child.

i once asked a group of chinese why they were fighting. they said “we’re not fighting, just talking”

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She’s hammering a bottle of wine that isn’t three buck chuck?

San Francisco tour guide: Racist rant was intended to be ‘satirical comedic portion’ - ABC7 San Francisco (

Following the Trump playbook by claiming it was all a joke.

Someone else doesn’t seem to like Asians (Chinese specifically).

I kinda posted that days ago. just sayin.

And turtle soup is some good eatin’!!! :yum:

Lol that’s racist

…although there is actually a historical precedent of France training the same leaders that would win wars against them…

I wonder if the SOA/CAS ever had a problem with too many foreigners passing the exams. Cause if you wanna keep a 40% pass rate but all the 40% happen to be people who can’t work in the US how do you not lower the standards. I suspect that’s the reason why the written component was introduced to the prelims but who knows.

I like the term for this I saw on urban dictionary: schrodingers douchebag. Say something incredibly racist, sexist, offensive…, then based on the reaction of others you can either claim serious or just joking.

I posted this somewhere here I think, but it might have been on the ao


…but she is wrong because it’s actually the other way around. Universities like international students because they can charge them over twice the tuition as in-state students. So it’s not us who are subsidizing the education of the CCP but rather the CCP is subsidizing the US students.

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Also international students (at least undergraduates) pay the tuition without financial aid. Most Chinese would be graduate students. Estimates for the proportion of graduate STEM students that are Chinese range from 15-25% although in mathematics and statistics it is about 1/3. These may receive varying amounts of aid. Without Chinese students some programs would probably have to shut down.

Yeah, that was the featured word on UD for a while.