Priviledged people have always hated Asians before Covid

Certain privileged people have always hated Asians. Covid and Trump are just excuses. They never listen nor like Trump but they gladly blame Trump for their hate crimes.

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idk, she seems pissed about noise. i hate noise.

That was a bizarre racist rant.


I find the violence against Asians fascinating as at least in NY, those pertutuating are not what I would profile as Trump supporters.

Unless that always existed as well, and the Trump rants made people more aware. But definitely not just a white privilege issue

Huh… only time I’ve ever eaten turtle was on a reservation, so… who needs to assimilate???

I hate noise too, but the race of the noisemakers is irrelevant. If you move to a predominantly Chinese area then of course most of the noisy people will be Chinese given that most of the people are Chinese.

Let’s define noise

People on the street talking in a language you understand is just normal

People talking in a foreign language becomes noise

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I wasn’t entirely serious there…

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If the “girl in the video” thinks that frogs aren’t eaten here in America, she’s clearly ignorant of Cajun cuisine.

I love me some good frog-legs.

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what makes the woman in the video “priviledged”? she looks angry and miserable.


Yeah, I had that thought too. I guess she’s got white privilege, but that’s probably about it.

she doesn’t look white to me.

she apologized and claims it was meant as satire. Chinatown Tour Guide Apologizes for Racist Rant (

Um, I doubt that very much. (Not that she’s claiming as much… I doubt that she actually meant it as satire.)

idk, i think she likely meant as satire. doesn’t mean it wasn’t hateful or was appropriate as a tour guide.

note, this was over 7 years ago, and not current.

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Oh, I didn’t realize it was 7 years ago. Still doesn’t seem like satire to me. It’s not like there was anything clever about what she said or any indication that she was joking.

Granted, it was obviously edited / spliced, but still…

based on the parts we saw, it wasn’t clever at all. she has no future as a comedian. but i think she thought it was clever, and oddly so did some people on that tour bus who were cheering her on.

as you said it was obviously edited, so whatever made it funny isn’t in there, but she got the random people on the tour bus in on it somehow.

I think they laughed because of shock humor. She said unexpectedly racist stuff, and used words that tour bus operators don’t usually use.

they didn’t just laugh though. they played along in chanting “fuck chinatown” in the end.

Agreed. How many privileged people hate asians? 5? All of them? I must not be privileged because I don’t hate them. Lots of people hate a lot of other people for all sorts of misguided reasons.