Post-communism fridge syndrome

Do normies have second freezers full of meat? Reason why I ask is, when I was growing up we had a second freezer and it was full of meat. Now that I’m an adult I think that’s super weird and it’s rare that my fridge has more than 1 day worth of food since it’s so plentiful. My parents always seem to have the crap scared out of them when they see how empty it is.

But hey, it was plentiful in the 90s too. So I guess maybe it’s a communist thing? Like during Soviet times I heard during “meat day” you had to line up at the grocery store to get as much meat as you could, so you needed a freezer to store it all.

But if you normal people have second freezers then that is a counterexample to my hypothesis.

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We have a small freezer in the garage. I wish we had a bigger one…

My parents have a full sized and a small freezer separate from their refrigerator/freezer. My inlaws have 2 separate full sized freezers.

They aren’t just for meat - they are for whatever you want to keep frozen.

One year when I was a kid my dad and brothers killed 2 (maybe it was 3, I don’t remember) elk. That year it was completely full of meat. So was my grandparent’s extra freezer, and probably some of the neighbors’.

I have a stand-alone freezer full of stuff separate from the one that’s part of the fridge. Not just meat though. But some meat. At a minimum usually Costco bags of chicken breasts, chicken thighs, wild salmon, and burgers. Maybe stuff from Omaha Steaks if someone sent us a gift.

Non-meat items in the extra freezer: various frozen veggies (broccoli, green beans & peas), frozen pizzas & a couple of other prepared foods, butter, limoncello, ice packs, maybe an extra package of the frittatas I like for breakfast…

It’s nice to basically always have chicken & veggies on hand… a lot easier to run down the stairs than run to the store. :woman_shrugging:

Probably depends on the size of the family and proximity to the store. Bigger family means you go through food faster, and long drive may mean you want to really stock up and make fewer trips.

We have a full size freezer in the garage for a family of 5 in the suburbs.

Are you accusing me of being normal? Downstairs fridge and separate upright freezer. Meat/fish/fruit/vegetables/ice. Might have a little post-covid ptsd.

When you have 400 mouths to feed…

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My house is weird. There’s no big freezer, but, in addition to a standard refrigerator in the kitchen, every occupant other than me has a dedicated mini fridge, and one has both a mini fridge and a mini freezer.

My brother grows his own vegetables and fruit in the summer so he needs two freezers to store his produce that he then consumes during the rest of the year. Makes sense for him. My wife and I don’t have a freezer as we shop daily for our food.

One elk = ~6 months of meat for a family of 4
One deer = ~3 months of meat for a family of 4

Question: how would you store 1 elk & 2 deer from hunting season (mid-Sept through mid-Nov) to be used later on?

my house has 3 refrigerators w upper freezers. kitchen unit plus 2 others. One is seasonal. mainly use one for beer/soda and the other for extra fridge stuff or more beer or soda. very little extra frozens, but if something comes up we have space.

When I was a kid we rented a walk-in deep freeze storage locker for such quantities of meat. Don’t know if they still exist but probably.

I do not. my parents did, basically the fridge they replaced. mostly for parties, holidays when they needed more space.

know other people who kept the replaced fridge for similar reasons

daughters family bought freezer to better buy bulk and save $$

don’t know anyone who bought for survival, if you lose power, doesn’t do much good

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Two fridges, an upright freezer, and a chest freezer here. For three people. Suggestions that maybe we could do with less call on deaf ears.

Small freezer upstairs and an upright and chest freezer in the basement. Hunting/fishing season is only a few months long and need places to put meat to last throughout the year. Also usually buy 1/4 or 1/2 of a cow each year. Meat is much fresher than from the store and is about 75% of the cost from the store

I have a freezer full of meat. I didn’t until the pandemic. I call it my pandemic freezer.

Wife wants a whole pig. I keep being like, “I’m not going to cook random pig parts. I can only BARELY bring myself to eat microwavable chicken-nuggets.”

I eat about a pound of meat a week. The grocery store is less than 10 minutes away. I don’t keep any meat in the freezer.

We have a fridge in the basement. My wife uses it for stuff that doesn’t really need to be stored in a fridge, but she feels better knowing that bugs aren’t crawling on it. My basement food sits on an open shelf.

She grew up on a farm in a family with 5 kids. They had three freezers, plus home canned stuff in the cellar, plus a root cellar. They had a big garden and butchered their own animals. She finds driving to the store a major expedition. So she’s bigger on buying ahead than I am.

Actually, my pandemic freezer isn’t very full. Now that it’s easy to buy stuff again, I just have my last order from the meat people, plus a drawer full of flour (no bugs) and a drawer full of frozen berries to make pies.

Yeah, during the pandemic, I switched from buying meat at the supermarket to buying meat from local producers who have more humane practices both in how they keep the animals and importantly, in how the slaughterhouse employees are treated. So I decided to mostly stick with the local meat people, even though it means buying frozen in bulk, instead of buying what I want to use right now. But I feel like I’m not supporting an abusive industry.

I also have an extra fridge in the basement, but that’s usually mostly empty. I use to to store a lot of apples I pick in apple season, and to store the stuff I’m going to make for big events. Otherwise I mostly leave it emplty.

Based on tv shows, those freezers are mostly for dead bodies