Possibility or Paranoia

the scariest part of this is that the trump regime refuses to do any transition stuff with the biden camp, so the US is vulnerable for the next 2 months and then once Biden is in office, they are going to have to scramble. the republicans flat out don’t give a shit about this country.

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there is zero evidence of this.

Thank goodness, Biden knows his way around and isn’t a WH newbie


CNN was saying that “sources in the White House” were saying that various people (including Melania) were urging him to accept the results and concede defeat. Obviously no idea if that includes anyone on NBC’s list or not, but I think these people do exist unless CNN is just blatantly lying.

but if the whole state is fraudulent, would still think that would remove the state from the electorate, not just flip the outcome

okay, that’s surprising about melania. i didn’t know this.

why are all these people babying him though? it’s insane. they need to be public about this, not just behind the scenes. this is a horrible look for the country.

Yes, perhaps the strongest case for picking him over his primary opponents.

As you know, Klobuchar was my pick of the field, but this is a definite point in Biden’s favor. He presumably already knows how to operate the nuclear football and doesn’t require Trump and Melania to give him a tour of the residence and that sort of thing. (Not that the tour would be strictly required for anyone, but a greater “nice to have” for someone else.) So if Trump does everything within his power to make the transition as difficult as possible, Biden should still be fine.

My guess is that Melania gives the Bidens the customary White House tour on her own.

The best look for the country would be if they were successful in their attempts to convince him to put on his big boy pants and accept defeat. So that is presumably what they are trying for.

LOL, that ain’t happening.

That’s one possibility.
The other is to recount the whole state. All several million votes, in the case of PA. By hand, if necessary. If it takes a few years to do that, so be it. Not leaving the White House until it’s done!!

I too favored Klobuchar, though this scenario was never in my mind at the time.
In all honesty, in hindsight I believe Biden is the only one who could have won this election.

I cannot recall a nice thing that Trump ever did (if so, he undid it immediately after, or which harmed others).
So, niceties and manners and etiquette from him will not be observed in this transition.

Yeah, I certainly don’t expect him to be a part of the White House tour, nor do I expect him to attend Biden’s inauguration… which is extremely unusual for the sitting POTUS to not attend his successor’s inauguration. I checked all of them going back over 100 years and they all attended except the ones who died in office, obviously.

If it’s true that Melania is trying to convince him to concede, then I can see her doing the tour. At least preserve her own image as much as possible. Especially if she’s thinking about divorcing him when this is all over, but even if she’s not.

I’m curious if he will participate in the unveiling of his portrait at the White House. He might do that, since it would be about him. But Biden would be there, being President, so he might not.

Wow, I thought I was having a lauff, but here goes a hand count! Georgia! 5 million votes!!

So, not sure what “hand counting” means. Inspecting ballots with hands-on prior to their being entered into a machine?
Will they re-inspect any ballots not counted to make sure they were properly disqualified?

Who, exactly, is going to invite Biden to the WH for a tour??

I find it hilarious that the same administration that is blocking the typical transitioning process is somehow going to extend an invitation to Biden for a WH tour. LOL

she might give the tour. this isn’t all that important and makes her look good.

yeah, maybe not. this is the least important factor in the transition though.

No, it doesn’t matter at all. It makes me laugh though.

He will graciously give a tour and they will have lunch and they will serve Joe the bigger plate of ice cream