Political Humor Thread

To save y’all the trouble of Googling it, this is the new King Charles portrait:

First time I saw it I assumed it wasn’t real.

And the tampon comment references

a private phone call between Charles and Camilla that took place before the public had much awareness of their affair and largely believed the Charles / Diana fairytale.

A random ham radio operator (or something close to that) was tinkering around and happened to intercept the phone call and recorded it. One of the many things Charles said was along the lines that he wished he could be a tampon so he could always be inside Camilla.

A few years later the rando sold the tape to the Daily Mirror which sat on the story for a bit but eventually published the complete transcript of the call.

That’s the official version… there are conspiracy theories as well.

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True, no equivalence, but he is in court for falsifying business records, not for what he did with Stormy Danials.

Like Bill Clinton was impeached for lying to Congress and not getting a BJ in the Oval Office?

Perhaps similarities in Clinton-Trump, but also important difference. Senators could vote in impeachment based significantly on their thoughts about BJ. Doubt all 12 jurors will vote to convict unless they also believe he falsified business records.

Nitpik: lying to a grand jury



Huh, I do hate obviously false eyelashes and Rep. Crockett’s in the picture look particularly bad. But it’s a comment that obviously shouldn’t have been made and Crockett’s comeback is pure gold.

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Can we put AOC, MTG, Tlaib, and Gaetz in a hermetically sealed room? And them loose the key?

Seems fair, 2 nut balls from each side. The only losers are the press. They’ll get less clicks.

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I’m a pretty big AOC fan, honestly. She can go a little too far, but I’d rather a progressive who oversteps than the fairly centrist bulk of the Democratic Party.

Tlaib, less so. She has good and bad takes. At least neither of them (allegedly, lol) trafficked a minor.


AOC seems to be more realistic to me.

There is “this is possible given existing constraints” and then there is “this is pie in the sky nonsense”.

She seems to be more in the former camp in terms of making societal improvements.


Huh… I would have said she is in the latter camp. I’m basing that on the Green New Deal.

One positive I will say about AOC is that I enjoy watching her grill people during Congressional hearings.

Yeah. People who live in glass houses (like MTG) shouldn’t throw stones.

I think she has a great political career ahead of her.

Unfortunately you’re probably right.

Why the AOC hate?

Is it because she is:

a) woman
b) opinionated
c) both a and b