Polio making a combeback?

Major wtf vibes

you’re vaccinated, you’re fine.

A few key items from the article:

Rarely, travelers have brought polio infections into the U.S. The last such case was in 2013, when a 7-month-old who had recently moved to the U.S. from India was diagnosed in San Antonio, Texas, according the federal health officials. That child also had the type of polio found in the live form of vaccine used in other countries.

Polio is endemic in Afghanistan and Pakistan, although numerous countries in Africa, the Middle East and Asia have also reported cases in recent years.

Last month, health officials in Britain warned parents to make sure children have been vaccinated because the polio virus had been found in London sewage samples. No cases of paralysis were reported.

So, there are multiple ways the person could have gotten polio, and it would have probably involved a person coming from a country where polio is endemic or where they use live virus vaccine.

I don’t know how you can be surprised at all with all the antivax stuff you’ve been hearing over the past especially-the-last-two-years-but-for-quite-a-while-now.

I remember getting vaccinated for polio when I was in elementary school in the late '60s to early '70s. I had a friend whose older brother was crippled from polio so it was a real thing to us at that time.

I guess a polio booster was not part of the inoculations I was required to get before going to Taiwan in the early '80s. While I was there a typhoon come through, and shortly after all of the missionaries in our mission were required to get polio boosters.

I hear Polio is trying to convince its advisors it should announce said comeback BEFORE the midterms.

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Yes, I’m sure that the Pakistanis/Afghans being a bit suspicious about the Americans pretending to be public health people but actually wanting to target various terrorists have something to do with this is totally not rational.

While the news folks try to make it about U.S. politics, it might have a little bit more relevance to international aspects. Just a thought.

How do I find out what vaccines I have?

I’m sure I have the regular ones, cause I definitely remember getting the hep A & B ones, but I also remember getting chicken pox as a kid so who knows what I missed.

Yeah, there were quite a few polio victims around when I was a kid. There’s still one victim that lives a couple streets from us - the dad of one of my daughter’s school friends.

It’s about time polio made a comeback. It’s been held down for too long now…

People are choosing not to get vaccinated against polio? The disease that puts you in an iron-lung and cripples you for life and for which we have decades of evidence showing that vaccination works? This is next-level stupid.

I’d love to see all the anti vaxxers in iron lung

They don’t call it freedumbs for nothing.

Unfortunately, it will be their kids in there…


second amendment bro. polio that

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I didn’t see the bit about the low vaccination rate in the articles CS posted. Apologies if it was mentioned and I overlooked it.

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