Police/correctional officers behaving badly

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In Canadian news…

Interestingly enough, when Canadian correctional officer are accused of committing manslaughter against a prisoner, they get special treatment from the police/legal system.

C-Bus has a couple of shootings, the latest one had officers turn off their video before shooting (or never had them on since start of shift – can’t tell which), then turn it back on afterward.

Wondering why officers have control over these cameras. To turn them off when they are shitting or something? Call in to Central Control (or whatev’s) and ask to have it turned off. Simple.

Yeah, I agree they shouldn’t have control over the camera. Turning a camera off should be evidence of premeditation.


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I think this behavior belongs in this thread. Maybe not. Anybody else ever taken a break from work for some afternoon delight without officially clocking out? Maybe a long lunch break?

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Bodycam footage is to be released tomorrow (Friday) evening. Memphis is bracing for riots; second-hand comments on the Memphis subreddit suggest it’s exceptionally horriffic.

My first thought was 5 “white” police officers, but that would have been in the headline. Instead it’s 5 black officers so it’s only “police officers”. A terrible thing nonetheless, I will let it play itself out in court.

a guy on twitter asked how awful it must be, bc everyone who has seen it has pre-emptively asked for people not to riot in reaction. rodney king references are not conducive to making that happen, but that was a comparable offered.

I wonder about the wisdom of of “Friday news dump” for releasing this video. Most people have less structured time on Friday and Saturday night. I could easily see a large protest turning into a violent riot. I hope I’m wrong about the violent riot.


Here are some of the comments I saw on the Memphis subreddit. Admittedly, Reddit isnt the most reliable source of information, but…


I think they’re preparing for the worst, but quietly expecting that it won’t be quite that bad. The local and state officials have at least been making an effort to respond decisively before the potentially extra-inflammatory material goes public.

Your first hint should have been that they were fired, and not put on paid leave.



Black store owner calls cops on shoplifter. Cops arrest shop lifter, then assault store owner because he says he is going to file a complaint against them. Police actions are on both body cam and store surveillance videos.

This guy didn’t die but holy f—-! The video in the article doesn’t show it, but the cop cars drive up maybe 5 seconds (at most) before the video starts and the cops are shooting at the 6 second mark into the video. They barely had time to jump out of their own vehicles before they started shooting at the “suspect” and his very clearly unarmed mother.

NBC News

S.C. police shooting survivor says deputies opened fire on him and his mother…

The York County deputies made no attempt to de-escalate the situation, the survivors say in a lawsuit.

Incident was 2 years ago, but the civil suit is recent. Cops were cleared of any wrongdoing, of course.

Broad strokes: The newspaper was investigating (A) a woman who lied about her prior DUI and other convictions in an illegal attempt to get a liquor license and (B) at least half a dozen claims of sexual misconduct by the police chief, who allegedly was about to be demoted until he was promoted to Chief of this police force.

They said they conducted the raid legally. They were supposed to file an affidavit showing their reason for the raid, but they did not file it and the county refuses to release it.

Among the materials seized, at least one of the confidential informants on the police chief’s sexual misconduct is identified.

This is all (seemingly) quite illegal. Newspapers have even more protection against seizures - police typically should subpoena that information. It’s widely claimed that they violated the law.

(Bonuses: the otherwise healthy nonagenarian owner of the paper died from the stress, another octogenarian with dementia was left without a phone for emergencies, and the entire staff stood outside for hours during a heat wave while their materials were seized.)

The warrant (snippet below) cites identity theft and unlawful acts concerning computers (love our antiquated laws). Someone sent the newspaper a copy of DUI lady’s drivers license, as I understand it. And they told the newspaper to use that info to search some public database to find her DUI, which they did. And then, the newspaper was concerned that the person who sent it had a vendetta, so the called the police to tell them what happened, and that’s when the police got the search warrant.

And yes, they were investigating the chief of police. They hadn’t published anything because they didn’t feel it was a solid case yet but they were allegedly talking to some sources. The chief of police didn’t know who they were talking to but he might now.

So one, I don’t know how this is identity theft, the driver’s license was sent to the newspaper. The newspaper called the police to report it. Seems above board. And two, if that’s what this was about then I’d expect any search warrant to be narrower. Yes, you can see what else they did, if anything, related to snooping around this woman’s past, maybe. I’m trying to hold judgment until we see a bit more, but this isn’t looking good for the police chief, imo.


I don’t remember their relation to the paper but one of the owners( editors? etc.) confirmed that the identity of one confidential source on the police sexual misconduct was seized. And they went on the record that they’d had at least half a dozen tips on the topic but had not published anything pending research.

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I wonder if the computers are going to have an accidental run-in with a magnet.



Update: the county has declared an oopsie.

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Oh, AND. The judge that approved the search warrant has a pair of DUIs herself from 2021. Speculate as you will if that’s relevant.


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