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That a new place? Google Maps shows a lot of construction.

Resorts has been open now for close to year. They had started and stopped there for about 5 years. It was going to be a Chinese themed casino but is now 3 Hilton hotels (Hilton. Conrad and Crockfords) and a nice casino. Poker room is decent although not heavily trafficked. It is walking distance from Encore and Tacos el Gordo.

I’ll have to check out Red Rocks if i ever go back to Vegas. I owe triweasel a ride.

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That place is pretty close to my Aunt’s house I think. I can stay there anytime.

Good thing about Red Rocks during football season is that 1 game is picked for 10 am and 1 pm and every time there is score, they use random generator to pick a seat for payment. It pays $50 for FG and $100 for a TD. If you have time in, it can at least double (maybe even triple). The picks are cycled on a screen so it is visible to all. Also, even when there is a waiting list, it goes fast. I don’t think I have ever waited more than 15 minutes.

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good bots

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Poker riddle I saw on Reddit I thought was interesting.

You are playing Omaha High and have the hand 3d - 3s - 9s - 3h. What are the possible board runouts in which you have the nuts? There are two distinct runouts and a third of a general solution type (I didn’t bother calculating the number of permutations). What are they? I can post the solution in a spoiler.

Trick question. You mucked that trash hand the moment you saw it.

:laughing: OK, for the purposes of the riddle assume it was limped to you on BB.

  1. Any board with three nines and two spades.
  2. Any board with three nines and a pair of eights or below.
  3. Any board with three nines without also three cards to a straight-flush. Example: 9c-9d-9h-Th-Jh.

No full house is the nuts. A board of 99325 loses to 95xx.

I think your answer can be generalized further:


Any board of 999xy, where x<>y or x = y < 9

Edit: in the x<>y scenario, I agree that x and y cannot be combos that allow for a straight flush possibility.

There are two other exact solutions though (ordering does not matter).

The other solutions:


The key to the riddle was that is Omaha High, meaning you MUST use two hole cards.

  1. 2-2-2-2-3 → You are the only one that can beat two’s full with 3-3-3-2-2
  2. Spades royal on board → You win with a 9-high flush kicker, A-K-Q-9-3

Played a couple of hours. Net +$800. Cracked aces with a straight, we were allin preflop. I had AJ, and a KQT on the board. I thought he was bullying, so i pushed and he snap-called.
Then i won with pcket aces twice. Easy when i flopped a boat once, and had to induce a call for another $200.
Probably go again tomorrow.

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Went back today +$391.
Second hand, won all in AA vs KK. Played very little after that, and when i did i was opening with a raise. Easy when most cards were shit.
Some fireworks early one when an ass started on a guy with a Cowboys hat while cowboy hat was in a hand. Cowboy hat said he was going outside.
After it calmed down i told the ass not to talk religion at the table

Not sure I follow this logic. If you thought he was just bullying and you had the nuts, you should just call and let him hang himself by continuing to bluff. Shipping it is only going to induce a fold from everything but what he had basically.

I just wanted his reraise money, didnt care if he folded. I had been playing weakly up until then. If he had a low pair or connectors he’d fold. If i fold, then my raises will be called the rest of the game by lots of deep pocketed players.
If i call, im probably not making it to the river with an inside straight draw. Theres 100 in the pot and i’ve got 150 behind, and he’s putting me all in on the flop. Or turn.
I probably shouldn’t be playing AJ in the first place. Just fold preflop. So, yes i played it stupidly.

Oh nevermind, saw now you said it was all preflop. Carry on! (and keep winning!)

I recently moved communities within LA and am now much closer to the casinos. So likely will start going again. Any have good omaha cash games? Or good regular tournaments with decent structure and big fields?

let’s welcome our newest member by pointing out the difference between “really small non-zero” and actually 0.