Poker: Bad Beats, Scores, Stories, Hand Questions, Etc

WSOP has an interesting event in two weeks. $400 buy-in. 40 minute blinds.
Putting out the feelers.

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More info:
40000 starting stack, 100-200-200 (SB-BB-BBante). PTF Patience Factor = 40, skill level 6 (out of 6)

Looking up some hotel rates on Google. What a shitty site: It shows the low bid for a hotel, without taxes (fine, but calculable for a web site), and without “fees” which can be as much as the room. Might not even include the Resort Fees, but I didn’t look too far yet.
Anywho, looking for takers, as it is a “4-Day” event. First Day One is Friday 6/25, the second Day 1 is Saturday. Then, Day 2 on Sunday and Day 3 on Monday. If you make it to Monday, you’ll be calling in sick, and can afford another night’s stay.
Looking for takers, though I still have to convince my Chief Financial Manager.

I’d probably go but we’re leaving on a family vacation that weekend. Good luck if you go.

That stinks. I think that means it’s your turn to hit a 2 out runner runner now, right?

Bump, because Contingencies Mag now has poker puzzles!

Poor numbering, so I’ll add them.

  1. One can define a “player’s equity” as simply the size of the pot, multiplied by the share of the pot the player would win, times the probability (s)he wins the pot. So if there is $100 in the pot and I win the entire pot 5% of the time, my equity would be $5. If there is $100 in the pot, what is the smallest non-zero amount of equity can one have after the flop?
  2. What is one example of seven cards (two cards in your hand, two cards in your opponent’s hand, and three cards shared by both) that would create such a situation?
  3. In poker, “the nuts” is a slang term meaning that one holds the best possible hand that cannot be beat. For example, on a run-out of {2, 3, 3, 9, Jack}, the best hand possible is to have four-of-a-kind, which occurs if you got dealt pocket 3’s. Can having three-of-a-kind 10’s ever be considered “the nuts”?
  4. Why or why not?
  5. What is the worst possible hand one can have that can be considered “the nuts”?
  6. In this year’s most-talked-about poker hand, an amateur player called an all-in turn bet with just jack-high. This created one of those rare situations where although the novice player had the lead after the turn, in reality she was an underdog to win the hand after the river. Given that you currently have the best hand after the turn, what is the smallest possible probability you end up winning the hand after the river card gets dealt?
  7. Give an example of how this could occur.

I was going to give solutions, but I’ll let others do the work (but only post that you have a solution, please, not the solution itself. Maybe Monday I’ll provide my proposed solutions. PM’ing me might be better.

This is relevant:

For the preceding questions, assume that the game Texas hold’em is played strictly between exactly two players.

I think I have the answers but cannot pm DTNF. Shoot me a message if you want to see my answers or I’ll wait until they’re revealed.

Went in to play fair go australia the other day and it felt like I was playing well, not fooling around, making good fouls when it was probably right. For the 15-minute levels, I understand that is needed to finish the game quickly, but I just didn’t really like it, I felt like I always had a shorter stack than I could play.
Even though it’s rare, it happens too. Still managed to increase my stack by $120 though. I hope it was interesting to read. Big victories to those who read to the end.

Did you adjust your strategy based on this information?
These short blind levels make the tournament more of a coin flip.

Playing a few WSOP circuit events next week. Wish me all the run-good! I’ll keep you posted on results.

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I have solutions for the poker questions.

I don’t know if they are right, but I gots ideas.

Will PM to DTNF.

Just Jack


What kind of games are you playing? come up with a budget you can afford to lose. If you win, keep it off to the side to be able to handle future losses and stay in the game.

The quickest way to not lose is to find some sort of training site and follow their preflop strategy. For Live Low Stakes No Limit Holdem I like Crush Live Poker. Warning, it will be a relatively boring style compared to some people playing every hand, this is how you can find out if you’re patient enough for poker.

Since you’re folding more than most, Pay attention to other players when you’re not in the hand and try to guess what they have based on their betting. Try to group players like young serious guy trying to win, drunk guy who seems likely to lose money, old guy playing conservatively trying to stretch a small amount of money for maximum time. Then take note of when you’re wrong and your guesses will get more accurate over time.

No problem. You might figure that out on your own.

Went to a local injun casino with my mom and her twin sister (they played slots). Stayed three hours or so. Played $1-$2, $100 max buy-in. Lost $24. Was down plenty ($180 or so), not hitting my suited connectors well enough, got it back with AK and an A on the flop vs A-low kicker and the King came on the turn; later hit a flush on the river. Table was tame, players playing cards, not position.

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8 bucks an hour for some mediocre entertainment is just about right!

And what casino limits the buy-in to only 50x the BB? Most places around here have like a $300 limit for 1-2 table.

Just about every place in SoCal. The multiplier goes up for higher blinds. $2-$3 table has a $300 max buy-in, the $3-$5 has a $1000.
Commerce is pretty shitty, with a $60 buy-in for $1-$2 and $100 for $2-$3 (well, last time I was there, which was at least five years ago).

They started a $5-$10 table where there apparently was no buy-in limit, players bringing thousands of dollars in chips.