Pearson failure today

One of the nice features of the Pearson platform is that graders can start as soon as a bunch of exams have been completed. So I’m sure the vast majority of problems have been graded.

I’m guessing vacations (or some other conflict that wasn’t expected) is the major issue. That and not wanting to finalize any overall grades until all the exams are in.


Oh @Lucy, always the voice of reason aren’t you. Ruining a perfectly good mob mentality moment.

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Out of the 4 people I know who took CAS exams this sitting, 1 got the email. I just checked mine again after almost a full 24 hours, main inbox, Promotional, Social, Spam, and Trash. Nothing.

Since the 1 email we received didn’t specify only that exam, I assume it also applies to me.

Maybe I’ll go find the most recent posting they have about it:


Yeah, the one from 5/15… 5/20?.. 4/17… the fuck? And they don’t even have the most recent email posted.

Anyway, I’m 95% sure I’m skipping the Fall sitting, since taking it was contingent on me passing this, and with a month removed from my study time, whatever. Might end up deciding I’m completely done. I’m hosting a job-shadow next week and will be gently indicating he should attempt to find an SOA job.

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Some of the later comments on Reddit also noticed that not everyone was getting the email.

Conjecture was that not every exam’s results are being delayed.

I was thinking along these lines at first, but it doesn’t appear only people from certain exams got the email, and it doesn’t appear that only 5/1 sitters got the email.

If CAS intentionally only sent this out to certain people, they really should have sent out a second email saying “certain people received another email - it only applies to them.” Instead, they made things more confusing.


I took 7 and did not sit on May 1 and I received the email.

Lol. Well, that also describes me and I didn’t get it. What a mess.

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Damn Russian bots interfering with the proper running of the CAS!!


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Russian or Schaumburgian? (Kidding!)

The CIA has a rather involved set of mix and match rules for people who have completed some CAS exams but may wish to switch to the CIA track. I think it works out somewhat 1:1 but not 100% sure or if it even makes any sense to take advantage of it. From what I gather their first P&C track exam will be administered this September for the first time.
I think the volunteers there have a strong desire to avoid the same issues as the CAS and SOA regarding exams. I hope it works out… We all know about 7C :slight_smile:
Regarding employer recognition, most of the major employers already have from what I understand meaning the others are likely to follow suit.

Not sure if this helps or hurts…

I got badly screwed by some botched exams back in the day. I took 3 consecutive sittings off while one exam short of ACAS. Got back on the horse and finished the rest.

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I’m not sure we in the US all know about it. I just know it’s supposed to be really hard. What’s the issue?

What is the CIA doing differently?

For 6C (formerly 7C) there was a sentiment that there was more material and the content was harder than the US equivalent. Also iirc there were issues with defective questions and for a while large portions of material which never got tested (entire readings). I think the biggest issue was that there were no seminars/study material, but that is really more because of the number of students writing the exam. It typically is the exam that students in Canada tend to struggle with the most in terms of times taken or at least that is my impression. iirc 6C was created in the early 2000’s in order to address the differences in regulatory filings/law between Canada and the US and not force one to learn a huge amount about the other.

As for the CIA writing their own exam tracks, on the life side I think there are more regulatory and program differences (not sure) and there was discontent with the SOA. On the P&C side it doesn’t seem to be an issue with CAS as much as a desire to have more control of the syllabus content and make it more nation specific. For instance workers comp isn’t as large in Canada (all government run and not that large). Also things like IFRS 17 and auto rate filings make life different. There is typically no database of “filed” rates since rates (beyond auto) aren’t filed… they key difference (that the CIA has published publicly) is that the exams will be open book and not on pearsonview/prometric (discontent about both of these was expressed).

Disclaimer: This is all based on what I’ve heard at public/been told. I’m not involved with the CIA’s fellowship exam tracks and this is my understanding only…


Ooh, you are going to open book. I wish the CAS would do that.

I got the email and did not sit for an exam this window. I haven’t sat for an exam in several years, actually.

Not sure if the email was supposed to go out to all CAS membership but if it was not, it is small (not-so-small?) things like this that will erode trust.