Pandemic haircuts

I think I used to spend about $50 all in, but they do the shampoo/head massage stuff which is nice and I’d only go about every 2-2.5 months. More recently it’s just head under sink for a few seconds and then sister trims.

Maybe you live in an area where gay men are a rare commodity :wink:

I agree but with a caveat. Stylists seem to know how to cut hair. Barbers are more just lawnmowers.

But, a real barber, that’s a decent experience. Straight razors,warm towels, all that stuff. Makes it an experience rather than just a shortening of the hair. I’ve always kept my hair in a fashion that pretty much anyone can cut it, but a good barber is still fun to go to.

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Oh, is that what you appreciates?

Who said that?

That’s generally my preference but when I lived in NYC my ex-wife talked me into seeing a stylist. She did a great job, wasn’t too expensive, and when I moved back to the NYC area several years ago I went back to her.

That’s pretty much been what I did, maybe closer to 6 weeks between cuts. Now I’m stretching it out longer since I want to wait till 2 weeks after my second vax on Sunday. Will be a beard trim with that too - haven’t had my barber do that in over a year.


My wife is the only woman I’ve let cut my hair since like 11th grade.

I gave myself a quick buzzing this evening. It should hold me over until the barbershops and salons open again!!

Our barbers have been open for quite some time.

I think our barbers/salons have been open for a few months. Some family got black-market haircuts in the early days though. Still haven’t really forgiven them for not being able to withstand a few months, or do it themselves, especially with a COVID death in the family.

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Go get a haircut.

Shouldn’t he get more than one of his hairs cut?

Your nuts.

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Shave and a haircut for my two bits

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Just be glad they are experienced barbers.

And they are air conditioned barbers too - really cool!

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Shaving your nuts… is that something they teach in cosmetology school or whatever license it is that barbers need?

Do they use a hot towel?