Pandemic haircuts

What have you been doing with your hair this last year?

Pandemic Haircuts
  • Been getting haircuts throughout pandemic
  • Started getting haircuts after a while
  • Been cutting my own hair/partner cuts it
  • Haven’t gotten a haircut since pandemic
  • Other

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got one haircut, last august when cases were low. it was my first haircut in a year prior to that. will probably get another one soon since i’m vaccinated.

Sister cuts my hair, she’s been doing it every 2.5 months or so

Also 1 singular haircut (after 2 years of none).

I got my haircut for the last APC that was in person. Haven’t gotten it cut since.

i voted “started getting haircuts after a while”, but not sure one counts as “haircuts”. i normally only get haircuts once every 7 months or so.

I never cut my own hair before the pandemic, but have been since then. I’ll go back to a professional this year.

I should have added an option for “I’ve always cut/shaved my own hair”, didn’t think about that but don’t think I can add it.

Why should I care if I have to cut my hair?

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Salons and hair places have been closed on and off here, but I managed to go a couple of times. They’re closed again, so I will have to give myself a buzzing in the next week or so.

Every 6 weeks, usually the only one in there besides the stylist.

Wore a buzz and self cut for about 15 years. Grew out during summer 1 year for a decent Halloween mohawk. Maybe around 2019 daughters said I should let it grow longer. Had two cuts in salon before COVID. Growing it out since (except a sideburn trim or two). Hair hasn’t been this long since college, maybe ever. Not sure if I will do a Ben Franklin for grins for first post pandemic cut.

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Didn’t get a haircut for several months, then I started getting one every ~8 weeks, in normal times I’d go every 4-6 weeks.

I haven’t cut mine since this started. I used to go to the barber every 3 weeks and keep my fade fresh and now I wear bandanas to keep my hair out of my face while I work at home. My wife likes the new look so I will probably roll with it and possibly go till I can wear a ponytail.

My wife cuts my hair these days.

Only woman who’s cut my hair since high school.

Since then, only barbers. Until my wife.

Had my friend cut my hair for cheap, since he cuts hair (perks of having gay friends?), for a few months.

Then when things opened, back to my usual frequency of haircut every 2 weeks.

Long unstyled hair is one of those things that give me depression, so it is a top priority.

What do gay friends have to do with it?

Shaved my head bald at the start of covid. Kept it that way for a bit, then slowly grew it out. In the end, I kept it at 12mm for most of last year.
Then I tried growing a beard for giggles. Last Friday I got into the port and decided that I haven’t seen what it looks like with a beard + bald. So I came in and shaved my head again. Makes me look too old, I’m going to go back to the 12mm again.
tl;dr I use clippers and do it myself.

well, I don’t know any straight guy that cuts hair shrug

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My hairdresser works out of her house and has been super careful. I missed one appt when everything was shut down & I think I rescheduled a couple due to indirect exposures but otherwise I’ve gone regularly.