Pandemic haircuts

My wife cuts my hair, but that WAY predates the pandemic.

One of my old stylists got tickets to see Cher: he was practically bouncing off the walls he was so happy!!! :crazy_face:

You also left off the option for Nazirite vow.

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Hair’s on my shoulders like when I was 18. It is grey/white glorious!


Is that head hair reaching to the shoulders, or hair growing out of the shoulders that is glorious?

I have always appreciates that I have minimal body hair, So just a glorious mane

I let mine grow for a few months, but tired of that when the weather heated up and chopped it off

You have no barber shops in your town? I have about 10 in a 3-mile radius from my home.

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Oh, those.

I’m talking about real stylists. Not just a random guy with scissors.

You get your hair “styled”?

I did that like in 8th and 9th grade. Then I have just been getting my hair cut by various barbers for the past 35 years. (Now my wife does it but I’m thinking about going back to my barber.)

I don’t do the literal “cut and style” where you pay $20+ more, but vastly prefer a “hair stylist” over a “barber”.

Why is that? I prefer a man to cut my hair who does only that. No need for someone who does highlights and blowouts.

I’ve gotten my fair share of $10 haircuts back in the day (days I never want to look back).

If there’s anything I don’t go cheap on, it’s haircut. Like I said, it directly affects my mood. A bad haircut can be disastrous. If you can’t do a correct fade, no amount of refund can save the day.

My haircut is now $45, tip included, twice a month.

The way I get my hair done isn’t the typical crew cut or similar, and I find “stylists” to be better than “barbers” at that kind of thing.

Doesn’t necessarily have anything to do with gender, could be a male stylist.

My guy is a real stylist and he is not gay.

I’m gonna go out on a limb and say you have the best haircut of any actuary in the US

Nah I doubt it. A lot of the newer/younger actuaries I’ve seen are really dapper, straight or gay.

Well, I haven’t seen one in my area. I’m sure they exist, just rare.

My guy is $15 +$5 tip. So $20 every 5 weeks or so.

No hair washing, no blow drying, no hot towel. In the chair and out in about 10 mins. Usually hang around for an hour, grab a bourbon and play some foosball or Ms. Pac Man.

Well at the salon I use, two of the three stylists are straight men. The other is a woman.