I decided against this trip anyway. Too much uncertainty in the world and I don’t particularly enjoy flying 6 hours domestically.

It’s 5 hours and 15 minutes to fly from Seattle to Orlando.

How’s that possible. I vividly recall flying more than that to Boston

Maybe it’s on the way back. One of the ways is long and gruesome.

I think Arthur is quoting “flight time” which won’t take into consideration time changes (+3 hrs).

Are you looking at the time change as well?

Let’s see what they say:

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Traveling westward tends to be slower due to the weather, I bet going from Orlando to Seattle is longer than Seattle to Orlando.

Significantly so. Boston to LA/SD is usually just over 6 hours, LA/SD to Boston is normally just over 5. Prevailing winds at those levels are no joke.

IFYP. Terrible weather affects all air traffic regardless of which direction they’re flying (N/E/S/W/etc.).

CEO Carter-Bey says it’s too late to move, which is obviously BS they just don’t want to lose money.

I encourage a boycott of all CAS run CE this year. Plenty of opportunities to get CE at your regional affiliates or the AAA.

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It may actually not be possible to move at this point. Money aside, finding conference space large enough along with hotel space might actually be impossible. I know one of the internet conferences I used to attend had to book a year in advance it there’d be no place to hold it.

They could meet halfway though and make a concerted effort to make it friendly.

They literally just changed the RPM from hybrid to virtual 6 weeks ago. They could make this virtual if they wanted to.

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Oh yeah. Two years into a pandemic and I forget online is viable lol. Yeah, that’s a lack of commitment. They’re not there yet. Is anyone other than lgbtq orgs?

Even a gesture would be sensible, if only to recognise the problem for their members. A flat no isn’t just a no, it’s also a statement of lack of interest.

The CEO reached out and offered to have a conversation. I can’t do that right now without breaking down in tears, but maybe in a couple of weeks I can do that and see if there is something they can do. Maybe make a donation or something to an LGBTQ educational foundation or something — though that may be hard legally.

The lgbtq org hasn’t pushed back on this?

I’m not sure they’ve seen it yet – I tagged them in my post about it.

That would be great, but honestly that’s virtue-signaling in this situation. Yeah, we care about diversity, but we’ll put our conferences in places that actively fight against it; here’s a check so we can feel better about ourselves; let’s move on from this, when we go to Texas soon don’t criticize us, we did something to help you out.

I’d much prefer the CAS do the right thing here. I already hate that I [my employer] have to pay some organization that’s spent years crapping all over candidates and berating them with do better like demands when the organization fucks up writing proper exams; it would piss me off even more knowing it has spent a few years bleating about D&EI [without ever really addressing the fact that the groups most impacted need to be reached years before they enter the CAS exam system] and then decides saving money is more important than having principles.

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I’m skeptical about the value of boycotts, or of symbols like pulling conferences at the last minute, especially when the organization calling for or doing such represents folks in a profession that, to a great extent, has a love-hate relationship with state governments.

And, as much as I enjoy getting into political debate, I’m not a fan the idea of a professional-education body like the CAS getting “too political”. The stresses caused by political disagreement distract from the purpose of such organizations.

All that being said, considering the effort the CAS has put into DE&I recently…I think those efforts will be tainted by insincerity, unless they act on the concern presented. Maybe there are reasons that canceling / going all-virtual is not a viable option (although I’d be concerned if someone hadn’t done some contingency planning in case another COVID wave rendered the convention unwise). If that is the case, I’d like to see some other form of strong statement made…perhaps like changing one of the prime-time General Sessions to be DE&I-oriented.

That’s really reasonable because corps shouldn’t be playing politics. But I’d suggest this is more a human rights issue than political.

Human rights aren’t politics.

Forcing a 3rd grade girl to pick which of her dads can go to her violin concert isn’t politics.
Forcing a 1st grade boy to pick which of his moms gets the school made Mother’s Day card isn’t politics.
Excluding a trans parent from ever participating in any school activity, including parent teacher conferences, is not politics.

I’ve pretty much decided I’ll be writing a letter to every CAS meeting sponsor if and when the law passes, asking them if supporting such hatred and bigotry is consistent with their corporate values.

Time to fight.