Who’s decided?

Who’s going?

I don’t want to make the decision so far in advance given the Omicron situation. But I’m also afraid the hotels will be booked out.

How difficult is it to cancel a hotel booking?

Probably pretty easy in this environment. But I’m a lazy millennial and the thought of canceling is already making me tired.

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Depends heavily on the area, I’ve found. In some areas (Palm Springs comes to mind), the hotels give you 48 hours FROM PURCHASE to cancel.
If it’s in WDW, should be no problem, as they have plenty of rooms, and Disney won’t go bankrupt if you and/or a thousand people cancel.

Ooh, Coronado Springs Resort! Fancy!
I can’t make it, as I am not CAS, and I don’t ever feel the need to go to Florida when it’s 70 degrees outside right now.

One does not have to be CAS to attend a CAS meeting.

Isn’t it always 70 degrees & sunny outside where you live?

Hope-Simpson predicts relatively low seasonal stimulus in May in both the North Tropical and North Temperate zones.

I wonder if my company will lighten up about traveling … probably should ask in a month when Omicron has fizzled out…

The family would definitely be keen to go to Orlando

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Wait until October and come on down to the SOA meeting!!! Better chance of the 'rona being done!!! :+1:

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While Orlando in October is probably perfect, surely CAS members get egged on the spot or something at SOA meetings?

Dammit, Dan!!! We’d go for Happy Hour!!! :partying_face: :beers: :poultry_leg: :cut_of_meat: :bacon: :hamburger: :fries: :champagne: :wine_glass: :cocktail: :tropical_drink: :tumbler_glass:

Eggs belong in the hotel kitchen to make delicious omelettes, all-you-can-eat breakfast buffet, etc.!!!


there won’t be any all you can eat with covid around

Well then, I’ll just get the standard eggs over easy, toast, home fries, bacon. :yum:

But I will miss that AYCE breakfast buffet. :frowning:

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well, tbf, it’s Florida, so there probably is AYCE

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No. They get pressured to sign paperwork to convert to FSA (GI Track). :smiley:

I wouldn’t mind switching if I can switch without hassle.

If the reports about ~80%ish of the population having had the 'rona are accurate, I imagine that by May the virus will have run out of new people to infect, and we’ll be left with instances of mild/less-shedding reinfections… at least until/unless the Pi variant emerges.

There are four lights!!

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And cookies too!!!

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Maybe I’ll be the first to say it:

If Florida’s “Don’t Say Gay” bill becomes law, the CAS should cancel the Spring Meeting in Orlando.

Yes, there may be cancellation penalties. Don’t care. If the CAS is really concerned about diversity and inclusion, put up by making a statement that Florida (and any other state that wants to engage in anti-gay legislation) is out for any CAS business.

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I brought this to the attention of Mallika Bender at the CAS a while back, and she said they’d discuss it internally, so I hope they have a plan for if it passes.

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