OJ Simpson dead at 76

Because he had broken all the mirrors in his home?

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Noted. I was always a Buffalo Bills fan so will just say he brought me much joy during his playing days. Incredible running back.

To pay homage I would go rent a car from Hertz, but not until those terrible Tom Brady Hertz commercials are discontinued.


For those younguns who never had a chance to see this the “first time”

OJ Simpson Hertz Commercial 1978 (youtube.com)


I was a Jets fan, but was a USC fan too, loved watching OJ play.

His downfall and Cosby are too guys that really bothered me as I never got an inkling of negativity in their personalities and whose work I enjoyed and respected so much. Even on the field he was not a violent, aggressive style player.

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I didn’t really watch football, but i loved his first ad. And i liked that i recognized it as a real place, since I’d often flown through Newark airport.

Hertz’s clientele was mostly wealthy white businessmen. I think it was one of the first, if not the first, mainstream ads to start a Black actor to seek to that customer base. He made history in that.

Football has a violence problem, and especially, a violence-towards-women problem. Probably a lot of people helped cover up early warnings. Simpson was apparently affable and easy-going with men. He and the head of Hertz seem to have became very close.

He made history again as the first famous wealthy Black Guy to get away with the kind of crime that famous wealthy white guys get away with.

I posted here and not the BIH thread because i respect what he accomplished, and his talent as both an athlete and an actor. I’d call it a mixed legacy.


Cosby upset me more, because i fell for his persona. Maybe if i followed sports more i would have felt more betrayed by OJ.

I’ll agree, because I never felt I knew OJ, knew him as an athlete and actor, but not much glimpse as to who he was.

Cosby, was America’s dad, which for a Black man is rather amazing. And he was a very funny clean comedian


I grew up doing Picture Pages with Cosby :cry:


Never meet your heroes


Glad i disregarded that advice and met you, CS :wink:


Wow. I think committing murder should be given more weight than a person’s ability to successfully entertain us.


considering he was never convicted of murder ( in a criminal court) and a large portion of Americans believe him to be innocent

it is a mixed legacy. an incredibly complex legacy

I believe he committed murder. I think he was a bad person who nonetheless accomplished some good in the world.

I had a sliver of doubt before he wrote that book. The book erased my doubt.

There’s more to his legacy than Naked Gun and Hertz commercials . . . he did a lot to help break the color barriers of the day.

Some of that was done through the entertainment sector, but he was instrumental in a lot more things. And it was this aspect of his legacy that I think went to his head when he thought he could disregard some of the allegations against him (whether true or not); I don’t think he ever took things seriously during either the criminal trial or the civil trials.

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Great… I think others would have taken up that mantle and it certainly doesn’t excuse murder.

An unrepentant murderer who once did some good things is still an unrepentant murderer. That outweighs any good he did IMO. :woman_shrugging:

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Should check his brain now, for CTE. Could explain (but not excuse) a lot of what he was thinking.


Where in the world did anyone say it does?

I dunno, calling OJ Simpson’s legacy “mixed” comes pretty close, IMO.

He’s a cold-blooded unrepentant murderer and anything good he might have done pales so much in comparison as to not merit consideration IMO.