Ohio House Bill 616

The GOP in Ohio going all in on the state legislature decides what you teach not your local school board. Key changes in the code with this bill.

"Subject to division (D) of this, section, the" board of education of each school district shall be
the sole authority in determining and selecting all of the following to be used in the schools under its control:
From division D
(f) Any other concept that the state board of education defines as divisive or inherently racist, in accordance with rules adopted under Chapter 119. of the Revised Code.

changes in bold. The party of small government.

hb616_00_IN (state.oh.us)

Note this affects any family or private school with students funded by the state (state scholarship program).

Y’all can discuss the inherent racism and gender phobia they’re trying to encode in the law as well.

Also the party of “F*** your feelings,” trying to ease their owns’ pain and suffering by keeping truth away from their kids.

Ohio has a lot of German descendants. Will they ban the use of “The Diary of a Young Girl” from core lit (aka, “required reading”), to prevent potential shame in those kids?

My wife (the librarian) just bought “Maus” for her middle-school library.

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The “divisive” clause pretty well should cancel any Modern US History class, I’d think.

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This is why Federalism is so key, don’t need no OH legislators impacting my education policy


Let me guess: “there was a lot of legislated discrimination, and groups targeted still experience the lingering effects” is considered “divisive” or “racist”?

If they do like my HS class did, they’ll stop around the end of WWI so it’ll be OK.


Also all of history, can’t be teaching that Critical Race Theory regarding all of the slavery that happened forever.

I’m assuming that “schools under its control” excludes parochial schools, so at least I could still be taught (as I was) about dinosaur fossils being created 6,000 years ago because God is testing our faith.

If divisive can be interpreted as “any subject that will cause at least two people to have different feelings,” then yes.

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I went to a parochial school, too. I think ours was a little different.

The dinosaur fossils are the bones of animals that actually walked the earth after it was created, within the last 6,000 years. God isn’t “testing our faith”, that’s just a record of what happened after creation.

Did your school say the fossils were put there at Creation, and they don’t actually connect to any history of living things?

I “liked” your comment even though I live in a red trifecta state and we have an “anti CRT” law, and I expect the legislature would have copied Florida’s “don’t talk about queer stuff” bill if they had time on the calendar.

I like the fact that these things are state issues and don’t clutter up the DC legislative calendars. Also, if it got bad enough, I could always move.

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(B)(1) No school district, community school established under Chapter 3314. of the Revised Code, STEM school established under Chapter 3326. of the Revised Code, or nonpublic school
that enrolls students who are participating in a state scholarship program shall do any of the following"

Only if the private school doesn’t take money from the state for students.

A fun exercise regarding moving. What is the cost to move (3 months rent in your new location, UHaul rental, whatever) and compare that to the financial demographic of your state. How many people can’t move because of the cost?

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Also, “nicer” (more tolerant) places to live are usually more expensive. Shitty states don’t cost as much to live in.

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Ofc you should net it against the cost to move within the state. I moved to and from NJ/CT and the cost is pretty similar to within the state.

That’s true. And, more important, that are a ton of other costs of moving other than just the U-Haul. Maybe a lower income person can pretty easily get a comparable wage in another location while the high income person has a narrow specialty that makes changing jobs much harder.

BUT, if the issue is “do everything the same in all states” vs. “let each state do it’s thing”, then I have to consider the risks that the nationwide standard goes the wrong way for me. I have a better shot (but not a guarantee) of living where I think the rules are decent if states do their own thing.

I’m thinking about a country where the Rs get a national gov’t trifecta (actually, with the SC, a “quadfecta”?) in 2024. I’d prefer fewer nationwide rules in that case.


Yep. There were a lot of (high school) classes about how fossils being at the top of mountains were a result of The Great Flood. Also that the reason people like Methuselah could live for 1000+ years was because of a giant sphere of water vapor surrounding Earth that prevented UV rays from aging humans. The Great Flood resulted from that water sphere collapsing.

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In a public school??

Nah, this was parochial school. Christian.

Not quite the either/or I was looking for. Did the fossils on top of the mountain come from animals that lived after creation, or were they created as fossils on the appropriate day of creation? Your earlier post said …

and I was thinking the latter. Kind of “testing faith” meant putting stuff in the ground that could only be reconciled with Genesis on faith.