Offended by happiness?

Yes, but i can see why as influencers they are harmful to young people and therefore why people would hate them and it not be due to jealousy

I think that’s misdirected hate imo. I think people hate that young people like them and want to be like them, but that’s really not their fault at all.

There’s a level of jealousy in there to be sure. It’s like when that shitty coworker you have keeps getting promoted and you have no idea why.

So body dismorphia of young people from people like kylie jenner is nbd?

It’s not jealousy

I dont hate the Kardashians or jenners other than bruce to be clear but i see why people do

Not something I said. Are you trying to have a conversation with yourself again?

You said people hate kylie jenner because they are jealous of her. I said they hate her because she influences young people to hate themselves and their parents care about their kids well-being. That aint jealousy. A 50 year old aint jealous of kylie jenner

Fair enough. Maybe they’re angry.