Offended by happiness?

You ever run into those types of people who are offended at happiness? Like if you’re happy, they take that as an insult or something? Some explain me how a person can be this way por favor.

Ima like dude lighten up Francis, live a little

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You know there are random thoughts and random questions threads, right?


Found the offended person

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We should go for Happy Hour the next time I’m in town. Happy Hour does not offend me in the least!!!

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this made me laugh a little too much

  1. No.
  2. No.

Not sure if :toth: or :tfh:

pics or it didn’t happen

You ever run into those types of people who are only happy when they’ve gotten the better of you? Like if they’re happy, you know they’ve done something to insult you?

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My son, for the first four years of his life.

Bitter souls
Lived a life for a god of their making,
When denied an advance on their eternal reward
Seek justice in the pain of others.

There are those that think your internal joy needs an external motivator, and the misplacement of your joy in their serious world means you are flawed. Case in point. One of my favorite nephews, I’m his godfather after all, got fairly deep into the training for a fed black ops military unit before being bounced for smiling too much. I guess they prefer a stoic blank look, to an internally generated smile.* He landed on his feet after bouncing around a bit, they drafted him into a counter intel monitoring group. He’s good with networks like his dad, I guess the screens don’t care if you smile at them.

*I get it, when I was a bouncer some people were unnerved by my smile.


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Some people are annoying with shoving their happiness down your throat. Why are you that attention seeking about it?



Cool bandanas

they are -turbans-

well, hair wraps or something, but we stole them from Siobhan

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it’s why people hate the Kardashian Jenner family. It’s out of jealousy.

Is this like enemies of fun?