NYC restricts the unvaccinated from participating in society

Coronavirus Update: NYC to require proof of vaccine for indoor dining, gyms and entertainment (

kickass! way to go mayor de Blasio!


So f the mask mandates, just ban the people entirely.

Probably work ok until the vaccinated spread the virus to the vaccinated. But very few of them will die, though some still will, but that is the price we have to pay.

yup, ban the people entirely! get vaccinated or gtfo of our city!

my mother is sad cause now she can’t have coffee with her unvaccinated friend indoors. she’s wondering if her friend will move out of NY as a result.

From the other thread:

FWIW, I don’t think this rule is going to be evenly enforced… or last very long.

Here’s a map (% fully vaccinated adults):

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oh wow, I didn’t realize that Asians are way ahead of every other race in getting vaccinated.

my zip code is the darkest blue as expected.

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might not last, but it also might encourage people who were on the fence to get vaccinated prior to the whole not lasting thing happening.

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I’m glad he went with no mask mandate. And I wonder if the vaccine requirement is constitutional? All the same I better get this thing laminated or something now, it’s such an awkward size…

I’m gonna get a NY State Excelsior pass rather than get the card laminated to carry around everywhere. I don’t think you need the actual card.

also glad he’s not requiring us to wear masks. i’m so over masks.

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Oh TIL, will have to figure out how to get that… I wonder if I can still get it as a NJ resident

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I think I’m scuppered

is there a NJ equivalent?

It looks like there is a digital form of it via this Docket app which lets you access your record, although Murphy said:

"In announcing the app, Gov. Phil Murphy made it “absolutely” clear, “this is not a passport” referring to vaccine passports like New York’s “Excelsior Pass.”

But it seems like it looks, sounds and smells like a vaccine passport. Will have to check it out.

yeah, not sure how that’s different from a passport.

Probably don’t tell the Rs in the state legislature that

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Refusing a vaccine passport is all fun and games until the bar requires it.


Yea, unfortunately Duane Reade fucked up their record keeping, and NY has no record of my second vaccine, so I’ve been going in circles trying to get that fixed.

I hate a vaccine requirement for many reasons, this being at the top. There are many problems possible with both people accessing their records, and people having access to the vaccine (potentially in the future for that second one, think voting ID laws and people having trouble getting access to IDs).

There are plenty of people afraid of COVID, but also afraid of the vaccine due to their own ignorance. Not because they are a right wing nut job, but because they’ve just heard bad information and don’t know it. I feel bad penalizing them.

There’s also the fact that this requires you to put something into your own body that the government mandates. I’d be okay if an individual business does it, but widespread government policy I don’t like. It’s technically not FDA approved yet too. Could set a bad precedent in this way.

That all said, I’m a big proponent of the vaccine and will admit this could be a scenario where the greater good benefits at the cost of some people’s individual freedom. Still feels icky to me.

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I think I lost my stupid little card.

I am just going to use my info from Walgreens app if I need to access stuff in the future.

Also, I have photocopy/pictures of my card if needed.

not sure if kidding, but dont laminate the card, may need to update for boosters

the Excellsior pass was easy