Not annoying, WTF, or even all that cool, but let's talk about it anyway

This was awesome.

My wife has never seen Fresh Prince of Bel Air. I’ve been waiting for it to hit Netflix/Hulu/Prime streaming but no dice so far.

I only just learned today that Andy Borowitz and his wife Susan created Fresh Prince. Yes, that Andy Borowitz.

Am I supposed to know who that Andy borowitz is?

You are definitely supposed to know. Because then you could tell me who he is.


He is one of the truly dry humor guys. Check him out on Twitter. Reads a little like Onion headlines.

on using inverse FFT to clean up scans of printed pics.


TIL there are Pokemon Oreos.

TIAL packages of Pokemon Oreos sell for $ on eBay, and individual cookies may sell for $$$.


Hideki Matsuyama’s Champions Dinner for the Masters looks fantastic to me


Fun fact: my local Costco sells Wagyu Ribeye. $100/lb in a two-pound airtight frozen container.
Also available through them online.

Seems to have increased in cost and count.

I sometimes order meat from Wild Fork, but haven’t purchased their A5 wagyu. It’s more expensive per pound than Costo, but you don’t have to buy a big pack (and serving size for that cut should be small as it’s so rich)

The cooked picture looks really tasty…

@Echo: Ooooh!!! Oooooh!!! Get Daddy to buy you this!!! :cut_of_meat: :cut_of_meat: :cut_of_meat:

Best meal in a few years IMO.

Dip shit po dunk gas stations that make you pay with debit vs credit card.

While we’re (I’m) at it, the places that don’t take credit cards but have a convenient ATM

FLICK! That Math :red-font:[corrected - I thought someone would have busted me)

I’m not sure what you are referring to. Make you do what with them?

I assume he means select which one you are paying with.

No I think he means the ones that don’t take credit cards. Most Arco stations are like that out here in CA. Cheaper price but it’s debit card only.

My brother owns a cash only restaurant that has a convenient ATM. He owns the ATM too, as I imagine most places do that have this type of setup.

What do they make like $.25 per transaction? Come one!
Alright, alright, I am done complaining!