Nosy, annoying, too friendly, female, retired, widowed neighbor

How can I nicely tell her to stop?

Loooong text messages all day consisting of
1.) what she’s doing (crying, praying, visiting friends I do not know)
2.) asking me to bring her over my homebrew (I am NOT a waiter)
3.) tells me about her dead husband and tries to compare me to him
4.) “throwing you kisses, did you catch them”?

And when I don’t reply, and I run into her, she’ll bring up each and every text.

Oh, she’ll catch me chopping wood or painting stuff and tell me I’m not doing it right.


She’s already starting to treat you like her husband.


How old is this lady?
Why does she have your phone number?


Yeah, need her age and yours (approximate is fine). Sounds like this might belong in the significant signals thread unless she’s like 40-50 years older than you.


This, in particular, is not normal neighborly behavior. It’s not even normal lonely old lady behavior.

This seems like rather overt flirting.

I mean… I would not be discussing kisses over text with anyone other than my boyfriend or possibly my (minor) child.


Please let this be a euphemism.

ETA, because then this is even better:


Regardless of the answer to the age question… the attention is obviously unwanted.

The direct approach, which is best, is to just come right out and say that she’s making you uncomfortable. I’d say that if she is within 30 years of the same age you could lead with you’re not interested in being anything more than her neighbor. That might be weird to say if she’s a lot older.

The indirect approach is to start talking about other women so that she gets the idea you’re not interested in her. This could backfire and result in her doubling down though.

I take it you were friendly with her & her husband before he passed? She knows about the home brew and has your phone number, so there’s obviously some rapport…

I would agree but this is an actuarial forum, maybe it was misread…


Are you ghosting us T-roy?

I’ve been working, eating lunch, and watching this thread waiting for your response. You’re acting just like my ex when he’d ask me questions and I’d want clarification but he never gave it to me. If you don’t want to post publicly, we could just have a private chat (please bring beer).



MAX throwing kisses, is T-Roy catching them???

this thread went from Significant Signals to Statistically Significant Signals just in the last two posts…



Lady just wants some of that Safe Dick.

(“Shrinking” Reference overtly noted.)


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Who’s to say that some great-grandmas aren’t interested in a sweet young thang?


T-roy’s neighbor


Maybe @T-roy 's neighbor is finally getting what she wants and he will be back to tell us about it later. hopefully it doesn’t last…


Guys, I’m starting to think that, one way or the other, T-Roy is tied up in her basement. :oh_noes:

65+, She’s my neighbor, I am the neighbor who can move heavy shit.
Her husband died the day I moved in. I didn’t meet him.

She gave me some furniture as well (kitchen table and chairs, large mirror). I didn’t have anything. I also told her that if she needs help moving stuff I can make myself available. Being neighborly! She’s moved to FL but often comes back.

YES!! She’s probably treating me like she treated her husband and her son (who lives in FL and I get the idea that he wants nothing to do with her)

Reincarnation, imo.