A thread for me to re-post posts that have been posted to NextDoor.

Some are Lincoln Electric-like. Others are just :crazy_face:.

Tyops happen.

I love next door

Ours is a healthy mix of liberal holier than thou’s and the trumpsters who troll them. Real dumpster fire.

Hmmm, where I live it’s a rash of lost cat postings, followed by a couple holier-than-thou “you’re a crappy cat owner if you lose your cat” postings with a few “boo-hoo this restaurant just went out of business due to Covid” (which truly is sad) mixed in.

Not too much politics, but I think there may have been a setting to shut off getting notifications on political posts?

We’re in a cold snap right now and someone posted about how it’s important to not leave your dogs outside. Please note that some quotes have been embellished for GoA-entertainment purposes.

Of course, the discussion has devolved into various levels of stupidity.

It started with the overly-general admonishment…

followed by a bunch “Yougogirl!” posts such as…

…and “wtf!!!” posts such as…

…followed by threats of legal action…

…finally, we’ve devolved into the you shouldn’t be helping animals until you’ve helped every human argument:

I should probably post something really fake like, I fostered a homeless dog/cat/whatever and now I got covid. It will be especially funny since the account is under my wife’s name and not mine.

Right before Valentine’s Day? I suggest waiting until Washington’s Birthday (observed).

As for that “How did dogs survive…” bit, well, they migrated around to warmer climates following their prey (so, keep your dog outside and they might travel several states southward), and before being domesticated and bred to purse-size, some grew winter coats.
I signed up for nextdoor several years ago, but promptly forgot my password. I only did it to try to get rid of junk in my house without resorting to schlepping it to the dump or to my in-laws (who live on a much more frequented junkman route), or using up my precious annual “large item pickup” allocations from my official garbage collector.
Oh, well.

Ooh…out come the personal attacks…
Let “Bob” = “Person who said that their dog enjoys the outdoors even when it’s cold”
(Also, other than using “Bob” instead of the poster’s actual name, this one has not been altered.)

I got this message/alert in my email inbox. I clicked on it to read the rest but it appears to have already been deleted. :ctm:

Was there any acknowledgment that the thresholds maybe ought to be different for Siberian huskies vs Chihuahuas or was the holier than thou lady imposing a uniform standard on all dogs? Just curious.


The OP seemed to indicate that no dog, no matter the breed, should be left out side when the temperature gets below 32 degrees Fahrenheit.

It’s probably worse for a malamute to be outside when it’s 75 degrees than when it’s 5. Those dogs just love the freezing cold.


Maybe should have cross posted to the “things that make you think of another poster” thread.


This one…this one will be a direct quote except for changing the names of things:

:fireworks: :firecracker:

Shame goes out to the…

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More shame. Again, nothing has been changed except for the names of things, and boldness for effect.

The hot-button topic on my NextDoor feed at the moment has to do with a person jumping off a high space in a nearby park in a suicide attempt.

There are cries to make significant alterations to the high space to either make it inaccessible, monitored by a city employee when accessible, or put more physical barriers that would make it harder (though still not impossible) to jump.

Then there are cries of “no, we love it just as it is”. Then the predictable “no view is worth a human life” and ugly arguments back & forth.

And “this is the fourth time it’s happened” … “No, it’s only happened once. My brother-in-law’s sister’s ex-roommate’s husband works for the city and he said so.” … “No, last year was the first; this is the second”

And… “he didn’t die… taken to the hospital… jumping at this location is not a good suicide method” … “but he died at the hospital, how dare you say he didn’t die”

Followed by “The mayor doesn’t care about his constituents… he let this happen. Recall the mayor!” … “Close the whole area. Recreation for the community is less important than human life.” … “Do you hear yourself; that’s crazy.”

Followed by “Please think of the family and stop discussing this.” … “It’s a free country; we can discuss whether our park should be closed.”


Only in America…somehow this website is worth about $4.3B.

So 15 percent? Who’s getting the rest?