News that makes you say WTF?!?!

why? Plenty around here, next week too

I was responding to DTNF’s comment about 2020 when stuff was shut down because of Covid.


Yeah, when I showed a friend the numbers before I posted, they reminded me a lot of places canceled public events that summer

but fireworks were still being sold in a lot of places, so…

A new low for blaming the “seductress”.

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england needs more good guys with crossbows

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New? story as old as time with those prevs. Lead us not into temptation.

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Still statutory rape, right?

Isn’t that the plot of Omen II? - “The 12 year old made me do it”

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The Gnome Restoration Society strikes again.


sounds like an episode of game of thrones

where did you think GRRM got his material?

(other than English history)

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Talk about your “ballot-stuffing”:

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I’ll have to look out for a Del Taco next time I’m EV charging out west.

It’s actually really good. Leagues ahead of Taco Bell. If you’re driving from Vegas to L.A. there is one in Barstow right off the 15.

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Cool. We just finished up the first season of Hacks - lots of back and forth between LA and Vegas.

They have five-hour episodes about driving there and back?

Del Taco was the only texmex fast food in my area growing up. I’d go there occasionally. I don’t remember when they went bust here, but Taco Bell moved in immediately. I don’t eat much fast food these days, and Taco Bell is at the bottom of that list.

If I’m out west I’m looking for a Rubio’s or a Wahoo’s. Not quite fast food, I suppose.

Depending on the town you’re even better off finding a local mom and pop mexican place. Those are almost always amazing.