News that makes you say WTF?!?!

Hopefully at an age which they can’t remember.

Slightly skeptical of this given that on 23andme it says certain ethnicities have DNA that overlaps more so second cousins appear to be first cousins and third cousins appear to be second cousins compared to the general population. I think due to some bottleneck effect generations ago.

Some kids get weaned quite late -

Maybe the point was to distract from her face.



If she refused to cover up then asking her to disembark made sense. It said she was allowed back on the flight when she put a second shirt on.

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Sometimes I think society has gotten more conservative in the last 50+ years. When I was in university in the late ‘60’s/ early 70’s every female student seemed to be braless and no one complained.

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This is waaaay beyond the Annoyed Thoughts - Other Drivers thread.

I’ve got 1st cousins not very far back: great-great-grandparents.

Another obligatory Simpsons gif:


Because they’re so attractive


Braless in a see-through shirt?

I think it is the combo of no bra plus see through shirt that is the problem.

I’ve gone braless on Delta flights before and not had an issue. But I was not wearing a see through shirt. :woman_shrugging:

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meh . . . different angle for the camera shot can easily explain the apparent difference in “size”.

I think it is not a problem.
So, agree to disagree!
Also, Salt Lake City. Home of the Prudes.

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There were lots of those back in my university days. They didn’t bother me except in a good way.

There’s an app for this.


Twitter link is the video of cops being dirty. WTF, you are wearing a body cam.

sure, it’s all fine and dandy until it’s a morbidly obese 500 lb woman braless in a see through shirt

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are her nipples more offensive than a 500lb guy?