News Articles that might make the Lounge thread

Week of 10/29 through 11/2/2021:

Quebec Bill 2 require GCS to change birth certificate- Quebec tables Bill 2, ‘most regressive bill proposed on trans rights’: advocates - Montreal |

NC Lt Gov refuses to resign after he calls LGBTQ people “filth” - One of North Carolina’s Highest-Ranking Lawmakers Called LGBTQ+ People “Filth” | them.

The Times (UK) runs a fake news article about how the conversion therapy ban targets gender affirming treatment - (The UK government immediately called the report false: Tory minister shuts down claim trans charity would be target of conversion ban) but LGBTQ groups have concerns about the consultation wording: 4 huge red flags from Tory government's proposed conversion therapy ban

Meanwhile, while the UK and Canada struggle to ban conversion therapy, France is closing in on a ban – France Is One Step Closer to Outlawing Conversion Therapy After Unanimous Vote | them.

Transphobic professor forced to resign after three weeks of protests – LGBT+ Sussex students claim 'victory' after Kathleen Stock quits

One I missed from last week – Dr. Rachel Levine name first openly transgender US Admiral – Dr. Rachel Levine Just Became the First Trans Woman to Be Appointed a U.S. Admiral | them.

Recent study shows 47% of America supports trans bathroom bans – Support for Transphobic “Bathroom Bills” Is Increasing Amid Nationwide Attack on Trans Rights | them.

Trans health care resource used to harrass medical providers – Co-opting the message: How anti-trans activists hijacked a tool meant to help trans people |

Jessi Hart 43rd trans/GNC person killed in 2021 – What Happened to Jessi Hart, a 42-year-old Trans Woman Killed in Oregon? | Pittsburgh Lesbian Correspondents

BBC facing increasing pressure to apologize after toxic article last week — After Netflix Protests, BBC Faces Demand for Apology Over 'Toxic' Transgender Article
Meanwhile, Lily Cade, from the BBC article, published a neo-nazi manifesto calling for the extermination of all trans women. Way to pick your sources, BBC. Anti-Transgender Activist Quoted by BBC Calls For Trans Women to Be 'Lynched'

Manifesto – Strong content warning:

November 11-17:

14 year old trans girl assaulted at PA school, and then the NEXT day student sexual harass a female hockey goalie, but the school board insists it’s “not a district culture problem”.

Leaked BBC meeting shows LGBTQ employees preparing to leave “transphobic BBC”

Forza Horizon 5 criticized for deadnaming trans people

GLAAD TransAwareness Week Landing Page

November 18-24:

Gender Critical movement based on misinformation
French dictionary adds ‘iel’ as gender neutral third person pronoun
British doctor facing loss of career for standing up for trans rights on social media
Trans woman wins on Jeopardy! during Trans Awareness Week
Saturday is Transgender Day of Remembrance – 2021 the deadliest for trans people on record
Facebook promotes anti-trans articles more than pro-trans rights articles
All trans hockey team competes in Wisconsin

November 25 - December 1:

Last gender clinic for minors in Texas closes its’ doors after protests


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The day after the election Chris says he was told by another parent that a middle-schooler was approached by another student and told: “My mom says that we won so now we can deal with sickos like you.”

Heartbreaking. Thanks for sharing.

Conversion therapy banned in Canada, unanimously.


Very nice. Meanwhile, in the US we have a state arguing before the Supreme Court that interracial marriage is wrong.

We got lucky. Last election, the conservatives split into two parties, the Canadian conservatives, which trend socially liberal, and the Neanderthal party with all their anti vaxx and socon policies. Then the Neanderthals didn’t win any seats.

We lean conservative around here, but it’s been a problem in the last few elections. Locals incumbents who can’t get beat, have been beaten in recent elections because they’re so cons. Heck, my SO didn’t even vote in the last election is stuff, and I almost didn’t vote myself.
So, nice to see some sanity slowly returning.

We do? I can’t find anything about that. Can you link to some info?

That would be insane.

Mississippi and Texas are arguing in the challenge to Roe that the 14th Amendment can’t restrict anything that states had already banned at the time of its passage (1868). If the argument is accepted, the reasoning behind Loving (interracial marriage), Griswold (access to contraception), Lawrence (same sex sexual intercourse), and Obergefell (same sex marriage) are all invalidated.

I suppose that they are just arguing that the ruling that made interracial marriage okay was wrong. That’s likely a distinction without much meaning if the argument holds up though.


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Been a while since I posted, but a huge new study (nearly 10K people) shows a consistent reduction in mental health risks when trans kids have gender-affirming hormone therapy, including 40% in attempted suicides for 13-17 year olds.

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A few days after Canada banned conversion therapy for LGBTQ+ people, France has followed suit.


US Quidditch federation and Major League Quidditch announce they are changing the name of the sport to distance themselves from JKR’s anti-transgender viewpoints

Time magazine ran an article on the study I posted above about the fact that GAHT saves lives.

The UK Parliament’s Women and Equalities Committee issues a report today calling for urgent and substantial change to the Gender Recognition Act to make legal gender easier to change in the United Kingdom.

Not really “news”, but with the Matrix sequel coming out I thought this 2 year old piece on the Matrix as a trans allegory was interesting. The Matrix at 20: How the Wachowskis universalized a trans experience - Vox

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Lilly Wachowski agrees:

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