New Years Fitness Goals

We have about 2.5 weeks left before 2021. Anyone have any goals for the new year?

I am going to set some numbers goals:
75,000 ab exercise reps (sit-ups, crunches, leg lifts, etc)
40,000 push-ups
10,000 pull-ups/chin-ups
3,000 miles on the exercise bike

I think setting total goals like this will help me on the days where I really feel like doing nothing (“Even a little bit helps me to my goal” type thinking). This is more ambitious than any fitness goal I’ve had, we’ll see what happens. No weight goals for myself, and I’m hoping as I get into the groove it gets me to do other fitness activities.

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Cripes, I was just going for “get down to 175” and “be able to run on 4 specific X-C courses before mid-October.” But, I should probably set a few of those.

I could also say “don’t get the 'rona” but that would be cheating unless we really can get it a 2nd time - in which case, fuck you 2020.

Oh no! I remember you saying that you had gone to take care of your father and he had it. So it got you too? How are you both feeling?

I hope it’s as uneventful as possible for you both!

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Dad is in the hospital. He got hit hard. 80 + feeble + not doing anything to avoid being feeble + being stubborn = “severely dehydrated and in the hospital.” Fortunately he did not end up on a ventilator, because if it had gone to that point I really don’t know that he’d still be here. They started Remdisivir when he was admitted Friday night after being taken to the ER, figure that saved further problems. They are saying probably a week, so not out until at least the weekend, but a lot depends on how quickly he responds and can build his strength back up. Either way he’s going to be using a walker because he needed it even pre-coronavirus so that will take a few days once he’s able to be up and moving again.

I am OK. I have mild symptoms - slight fever, little tired, nasal pressure, maybe a little chest pressure (or that’s posture because I’m forced into lousy posture in an uncomfortable chair) - but I’m trying to do what I can to avoid problems. Spitting out crap that comes up, changing sheets every day, getting out and walking, airing out the apartment some, wiping things down, … that kind of stuff. Being positive really isn’t a surprise, given that before we knew he was positive I was practically face-to-face with him trying to lift him because he had fallen twice. That, and he’s in a small 2-bedroom apartment and who knows how long he was positive before I got here.

Still, means I won’t be home for Christmas. I don’t want to take this back to Mrs. Hoffman, because if she ends up with it she already has where she gets a respiratory infection and it tries going for bronchitis and then pneumonia in rapid succession. I expect I will wait for symptoms to disappear and then wait 7-10 days; looks like that would put me back around the 30th. I would really like to be back for our anniversary on the 1st, but we’ve agreed protecting her health is much more important than being together for our anniversary this time.

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I hope you start feeling better and your dad continues to improve. 2020 really is the worst. :slightly_frowning_face:

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Sorry to hear about your situation. Wishing you and you Dad a speedy recovery

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I’ve started doing pushups now because I realize if I start trying to do like 150 a day on January 1st ill be in for a rude awakening

It’s sunny and above 0C here!! I’m going for a walk this aft!!! :walking_man:

Went walkies this aft!!!

My buddy that I do half marathons and century rides with is ‘unavailable’ so I’ve got no motivation to train for either this year. I could do a run with my daughter but she’s training for a full marathon and that’s more than I’m doing. Last time I tried to train for a full I injured myself. Too much for a guy my size.
So maybe I’ll just stay fat for 2021.that seems like something I can accomplish.

Hurt my shoulder on heavy bench day. Gonna have to take it easy for a few weeks.

I’m jumping in on this thread
I’ve gained 35# in the last two years, had to get my thyroid removed and I’m just plain depressed. Now that groups are getting back together I think that’ll help me get somewhat motivated. Plus I am getting used to the format of GoA and I kinda miss this group of people.

Goal is to lose 30#'s, 10K in 48:00.

I failed big time in 2021.

2022, goal is to set goals each month for bodyweight exercises and weightlifting. Lose 20 pounds by June (will probably post in weigh-in thread). They say building muscle while losing weight doesn’t work well. I’m here to try anyway! Not looking to be massive, just a bit stronger and reduce bodyfat %.

January will be 100 pushups a day, 100 crunches a day, 10 chin-ups a day, lift weights 2x a week (generic lifting, getting into a flow before I try specific routines).

I’ll use this thread to try to keep me honest.

It works when you eat less than you burn. But, lots of exercise can make you hungry for food that you shouldn’t eat (high-glycemic foods will make you hungry sooner) at times when you shouldn’t eat (too close to bedtime, when your body is busy digesting what you’ve already eaten, runs a little low, and starts burning other sources).

I’m going to try intermittent fasting to help with the diet. I think in general CICO is a pretty good heuristic to follow.

Lost a bit over 30 lbs last year. Looking to drop another 25-30. That puts me at a really good weight.

After that, I think I may just watch the scale and maintain that way. I’ve never watched my actual weight before, I just put exercise into overdrive. But that’s getting harder as I get older, probably going to be easier to watch calories.

Also, screw COVID for making my sedentary and putting on a ton of weight.

As long as you don’t eat too little, causing your base metabolism to drop (which then lowers your maintenance calories), should be fine.
Working out allows more Calories In.

I’m still on 16/8 (16 hours not eating, 8 hours eating). I think the “16” part is more important, so the “8” part is more varied on a daily basis for me. I converted my wife, so we eat earlier than 6PM most nights.

New goals for 2022, since 2021 went poorly:

  1. Survive hip surgery #1 [remove bone spurs, fix torn labrum, smooth ball of hip, remove accumulated scar tissue]
  2. Rehab that hip to get it as close to 100% as possible
  3. Survive hip surgery #2 [probably same as #1, though given how long I’ve had issues with it damage might be more involved]
  4. Rehab that hip to get it as close to 100% as possible

After that, I’ll know what’s in and out for exercise and can hopefully come up with something useful.


In this context, losing BF is not the same as losing weight. As you add muscle and lose fat, you may GAIN weight.

But you’ll LOOK (and FEEL) better.

The best scale is the mirror.

And I’d say your chin-up goal is low. What do you think doing 100 crunches will do for you?

I would suggest 100 pushups, 100 air squats, 25 chins, 10 mins worth of planks (5@ on elbows and hands). And, if you live in a moderate clime, do 10 40-yd dashes. You can do them in the street or a parking lot. Just mark off 40 paces.

Other than the dashes, you can break up the exercises through the day. do 20-20-2-2 five times a day

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Setting goals that are reasonable that I can hopefully improve on throughout the year. I haven’t done chin-ups or pull-ups in a very long time so this was the best way to ease my way back into it. I’ll try out the planks and squats, that sounds reasonable.

Running I’m not sure I’ll be able to do because of some injuries I have. I’m not the most mobile currently.

What are you goals?