New Music Game

From what I recall there was an old game somewhat like this on the AO but this one is new, improved, and jazzed up! It’s designed to introduce people to new music but also have some strategy and competitiveness.

Anybody can join at any time. Just because you missed a round does not mean you can never join. The more the merrier.

The rules are simple:
Each week or so mod (IPD) will submit a theme (examples: songs with no lyrics, songs under 80bpm, etc)
You will need to:
::: Submit one song (including the artist) to me via PM to me that fits into the theme :::
You may never:
::: Submit a song by an artist that has already been used in this game. At any point. Ever. (Artists cannot be reused. Songs can if covered by a different artist):::

Once I collect the entries after a few days (no strict time on that but probably like a week or less I dunno we’ll see how the game goes) I will post a poll in ABC order with all the songs that were submitted that week. I won’t say who submitted them.

At that point, vote for a song that is not the one you submitted. It can be for any reason. It can be your favorite. It can be because it elicited nostalgia. Maybe you are happy you were introduced to it, I dunno you do you. Your vote will count as long as you have ever submitted a song in this game at any point, or have posted in the thread at some point before the poll is released

After a few days I will award points to posters who get the most votes for their songs. The number of songs (n) will determine the number of winners I give points to equal to n/4 rounded up. The amount of points will equal 2x+1 to first place (where x = number of winners), and then 2 fewer points to each subsequent winner. So for instance with 9 participants I will give the winner 7 points, 2nd place 5 points, and 3rd place 3 points. Ties will split the points evenly. You cannot earn any points if you got 0 votes.

Exceptions/Special Rules:

  • If two participants submit a song by the same artist in the week I will allow it, as long as it’s not the same song. If it’s the same song then I will reject the 2nd submittal.
  • You can submit the same song from previous rounds if it’s a cover with a different artist.
  • If a song has multiple artists, the “main” artist will count at the mod’s discretion.
  • If you have multiple accounts please only use one alt to play.

There’s no ultimate winner, but I will keep a tally of cumulative points. Submitting youtube videos of the song is appreciated. Discussion of music and the songs submitted is also encouraged!

Round 1 - Submit a song that reminds you of home - poll in post #37
Round 2 - Submit a song with a color in the title - poll in post #82
Round 3 - Submit a song without a repeating chorus - poll in post #117
Round 4 - Submit a song with an epic intro - poll in post #145
Round 5 - Submit a song with non-English lyrics - poll in post #173
Round 6 - Submit a cover song that is better than the original - poll in post #213
Round 7: Submit a song that is featured in a movie or TV show. - Vote in post #276

Artists no longer allowed to be picked (weekly winners will have a link to the song here, otherwise you can find the songs used throughout the thread in the polls):

Bad Company Bad Company - Silver, Blue And Gold - YouTube
Beach Boys
The Beatles
Billy Joel
Black Sabbath
Bon Jovi
Bruce Springsteen
Chevelle Chevelle - The Red (Official Video) - YouTube
Elton John
Fairport Convention
Freddy Fender
Gary Jules
Guns N Roses
Jeff Buckley
Jefferson Airplane
Jimi Hendrix Experience
Joe Cocker
John Denver John Denver - Take Me Home, Country Roads (Audio) - YouTube
Johnny Cash
Jose Feliciano
Julieta Venegas Julieta Venegas - Limon Y Sal (Video) - YouTube
Led Zeppelin
Michael Jackson
Motley Crue
My Chemical Romance My Chemical Romance - Welcome To The Black Parade [Official Music Video] - YouTube
Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds
Ozzy Osborne
Pearl Jam
Queen Queen – Bohemian Rhapsody (Official Video Remastered) - YouTube
Ramin Djawadi
The Rolling Stones The Rolling Stones - Paint It, Black (Official Lyric Video) - YouTube
Samantha Fish SAMANTHA FISH ❖ Crow Jane ❖ Cutting Room NYC 12/16/17 - YouTube
Sixpence None the Richer
Snow Tha Product
Soft Cell
Ten Years After
Tenacious D
Thin Lizzy
The Who
Wu-Tang Clan

YankeeTripper 17
Marcie 13
IPD 10.41
Vorian_Atreides 7.66
DeepPurple 7
OutdoormanNowActuary 7.26
Kat987 6.35
Rastiln 4.6
Celalta 0.75
BG5150 0.75
OldTimer 0.6
AbstractActuary 0.6
Soyleche 0

I’ll post the first theme later (maybe Monday, maybe later in the week). Until then if you like the game then let me know why the rules don’t work and I can change them up

It’s going to be very difficult to track (let alone moderate) a unique song-artist combo after the first few rounds (i.e., after about 25 total submissions).

Might be better to limit the “not use” list to the last poll; may the last two polls.

It might be worth pointing out that if two (or more) players submit the same song-artist combo that they’ve reduced the potential votes for that combo.

What’s the call for same song, different artists?

What about the situation where two different songs have the same title?

Agree, I think it should depend on number of participants.

I would say both of these are fine. Avoid duplicating artists is main objective in my eyes

Maybe reserved post #3 or 4 could be used for previously used artists, to facilitate not duplicating artists in future weeks?

Does this post make me eligible for the game?

That’s the plan


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My first answer is Copacabana.

Now nobody can ever answer Copacabana again. Ha!

“Her name was Lola, she was a showgirl…”

This is ambiguous.

I can interpret this to mean that a particular song cannot ever be re-used.
I can interpret this to mean that a particular artist cannot ever be re-used.

Does the phrase “that has already been used in this game” apply to the artist or song?

Artist. Thanks for the clarification. Songs can be reused as covers if it’s by a different artist.

So the first person who used a Beatles song, let’s say Come Together, will mean nobody can ever use any Beatles song again, but someone else could use the Aerosmith cover of Come Together later on a different week’s theme.

Yep. Part of the goal to this game is to find new music, and my best thought is to vary up the artists. Sometimes covers make certain genres accessible to people who may never have listened to it otherwise.

Thanks for clarifying. It is called The New Music Game

In before it starts in case I want to share some music later.

How are you handling band members? Would Paul McCartney as a solo artist (or with Wings, or in a duet) be allowed after The Beatles were already used? What about the trend of featured artists on a recording?