Nervous Thoughts

I have a consult today with a surgeon about my shoulder. I’m sure anxiety is an overreaction but I haven’t really had many health scares yet in my life, and every one still makes me wonder if it’s a big one.

I’m not worried about needing surgery. I am worried about it being indicative of something much worse than just a shoulder injury.


Good luck with the consult!!!

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good luck, but why would you think it’s something much worse than a shoulder injury? Do you know how you injured it or what the injury is yet?

Is this for others to share their anxiety?

I have anxiety that my tired disease will never go away and I hate clueless doctors who say it’s psychological. HATE THEM. I’d wish I just had covid or something instead. This sucks and I’m too busy at work to be this tired all the time. I also have anxiety that I’ll never escape my apartment and I’m too tired to make strides towards selling it AND with the gas being off for the next 6-8 months, why would anyone buy it? I’m also high on anxiety that some unknown thing in my apartment is in fact killing me.


good luck. would hate that kind of anxiety but the age is coming for me at least where there are no comfortable scans. At your age I was unworried, but that’s not something you have to mimic.

when it comes back as strictly orthopedic in nature and ordinary I’ll send you a PM with a story I tell about shoulders.

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I worry it’s something untreatable and terminal. As ridiculous as that might be.


Shoulders are common to have injuries. Tendons and shit, easy to damage, or repetitive strain.

Is there something that is particularly concerning? Seems like you’re doing the best you can. Just have to listen to the doctor but also be your own advocate.

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is this what dr google told you?

Ugh. I hate not getting answers and not being listened to. I found documentation the other day that I spoke to a doctor about fatigue at least as far back as 2007. Again mine is low level but really? THANKFULLY it’s low level.


:hugs:(that’s supposed to be a hug?)

I hope you can an answer and it’s something easily fixed.

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I didn’t injure it. I don’t do anything with my arm repetitively or anything. I think it might be a vaccine thing, but that’s difficult to prove.

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I’m getting an MRI next week, the X-rays showed nothing (unsurprisingly, but thankfully). Going back in two weeks to discuss the results.

Also some physical therapy in the meantime.

Doctor thinks it likely is a vaccine injury.


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can you trace it back to when you got the vaccine and your arm never healing? sounds plausible.

Yes, the symptoms started five weeks ago. I got two vaccines in that arm five weeks ago. So it’s possible.

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I appreciated the doctor’s demeanor. He was talking about possible treatments depending on the MRI results, and threw in amputation at the end, clearly as a joke but pulled it off with a straight face. Made me laugh.

He was also quite charming and chatted with me about math when I mentioned I was an actuary. He was no Kevin James, but still easy on the eyes.


I have some digestive discomfort that won’t go away.

It’s certainly affecting my quality of life. But all my blood work is fine, did endoscopy too, and ultrasound. Went on GERD pills, went off GERD pills. Changed my diet, etc. Went sober. Nothing seemed to be working.

The only blessing is that it’s intermittent. So I have some good days.

Going back to the gastroenterologist later in the year for a follow up. Maybe make sure it’s not something they missed the first time. But, not sure what else to do. Doctors can be quite useless. I suppose you are your best doctor. I will continue to experiment on my body.


Yup doctors are beyond useless.

Ive had on and off what has been categorized as GERD, but i think it basically means we dont know what it is. When its on, i take strong drugs for it, that im not sure actually do anything but eventually it goes away magically months later. Alcohol is a definite trigger for me. Doesn’t always trigger it, but can. Right now i don’t have those symptoms which is good cause i forgot my pills in my apartment and im at my parents. Had an endoscopy years ago where i almost went blind from it because of how i was laying but they didnt find anything notable

Now i have a mystery tired disease that my pcp has basically ghosted me about because she is clueless. I think that primary care physicians basically know about as much as i can get through a google search on my own, maybe even less. Specialists arent really any more helpful

might help, it’s assisted me in symptom management for UC.

It’s not a cure but it’s also not hippy-dippy herbal medicine, it’s real facts.

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Low carb made all of my digestive issues (and I’m talking about diarrhea after every single meal) go away. So I believe it.