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mmmmm carbs

This is better (people hugging)

And ditto to the sentiment. I hope they find something simple and straightforward and easy to treat.

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Thanks for all the well wishes. I have tendon inflammation and two minor rotator cuff tears. Also capsulitis and bursitis. About to get a steroid injection (guess they need to numb my arm for that) and some PT. Hope it works! The doctor is hopeful I won’t need too many injections. But surgery at some point is likely, just hoping to avoid it for a few years or maybe even decades if I’m lucky.



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shoulders are rough. there are a lot of rubber band (or other v low weight) exercises you can do to strengthen the cuff to a degree. for some it requires surgery. hope you are in the stretch and strengthen side of the chart


We get my son’s ADHD testing results tomorrow. I don’t want him to have ADHD or anything, but I think on some level that if he does, then I’d have definitive answers to some things.

As I’ve said in other threads, his brother has it. And he has Tourette’s, so statistically he most likely has ADHD, too.

He is who he is, with or without ADHD, and I love him wholly no matter what, but the world wants people to make sense, and given the choice between navigating the world more difficultly vs not, I’d choose the less painful path for him. For me, having an ASD diagnosis helped me make sense of myself. I want something like that for him, too. And if he doesn’t quite make the ADHD cutoff, then I’m worried he will see himself as a weird kid who just can’t figure himself out. I’m probably overthinking it.


what’s ADHD testing like? behavioral testing? Or do they measure something in your brain chemistry

Surveys from parents and teachers, a series of evaluations, and an IQ test.

He does have mild to moderate ADHD.

I wonder how accurate this is.
AHDH medication tries to balance out the brain chemistry, I wonder what are the false positives based purely from surveys. After all, giving a kid ADHD medicine when the kid doesn’t actually have ADHD seems kinda risky.

(not saying you’re going the medication route)

Meh. My kid was on meds for a while and my other kid maybe should have been. It helped until she figured out her own systems. I actually feel it would have made a difference for me as well.

I’m not saying ADHD medicine is bad. It’s good if you actually have ADHD. But if you don’t have ADHD, you’ll get high from it.

Just wondering what the false positives are for ADHD without a biological test and identified purely based on observation.

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When we went through this with our first son, our pediatrician was very careful to test out the lowest dose with the least “desirable” drug (eg not adderall or ritalin). We increased the dosage really slowly and made a lot of visits to the doctor during that time. The effects are so different on a brain that needs it vs one that doesn’t that I’m pretty sure it would have been caught.

My younger son has an IQ of 130 but academically performs like someone with an IQ of 110-115. The older son had a much lower academic result when he got tested. So with the younger, he’s still very bright in school and is doing fine, but not reaching his full potential, and that’s what they are measuring, along with observed behavior.

I will note that BOTH our kids fell out of their seats when they were doing the observation portion. Peak ADHD symptom.


My daughter forgot something at school and homework was always accompanied with crying, in 4th grade. I knew from the online moms that kids who were missed at younger ages were often diagnosed in 4th grade so I asked her pediatrician about it and we put her on meds. No super formal testing, but a year later when my friend asked the same doctor, the testing was much more formal.

But honestly, I should have known by her test scores. She was sick and missed test week one year and had to make it up. There were only a couple people in the testing room and it was super quiet. There weren’t a bunch of kids finishing before her (which would distract her). She got a perfect score on the math test and scored pretty high on the rest too, much higher than normal.

She’s a horrible student in general. School is just a means to an end for her. (In HS the “end” meant parents not hassling her any more.)

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to be fair, this was me as well, and I don’t have ADHD (trust, I get TURNT on adderall).

I’d say I’m a terrible student too. But having asian parents (and asian teachers, who beat us more than our parents) means I didn’t have a choice but to get straights A’s. But I guess nowadays you can’t beat your kids so that’s no longer a solution.

Nervous thought: why am I the only one with nervous thoughts??

I had an Anxious Thoughts thread on the AO.


I debated calling this one Anxious Thoughts but didn’t want to steal it.

I have so many anxious thoughts. Right now I’m anxious about a weird rash, a meeting I’m unprepared for, and how much $ I have spent this week.

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