My experimental diets chronicle

For my own record.

I’m going to introduce natto into my diet.

1 packet (box) of natto over rice as my mid-morning snack. I will do this every week day (I can’t keep diets over weekends due to spontaneous partying).

Let’s see if I see any benefit from this.

I saw the natto challenge on Iron Chef once. It did not look appetizing.

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lol. it’s definitely an acquired taste. I had it when I was a kid, did not like it then. Tried it this morning, and it’s not bad.

I must be getting old.

Is that Instant Natto? No self-respectin’ Asian would cook Instant Natto.

Cook? No ma’am. It comes frozen and you defrost it in the fridge and mix it with the sauce it comes with and eat it over rice.

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This is part of my journey to become more sober and fix my digestive health

Does that journey include spontaneous parties?

I will say my digestive issues have been killing my buzz.

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More suggestions:

  1. Balut
  2. Casu Marzu
  3. Malort
  4. Chitlins

okay actually just update it once you get acclimated to cockroaches

I can’t be in the same dimension as cockroaches

oh yeah and haggis

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you try uni yet? it’s gonads

Yeah love uni. Can’t have a lot though. Just a hint of it is fine. But that’s no super food.

Natto is super food. I’m not going for gross element here.

Could you also say that your buzzes are causing your digestive issues?

(Asking for a friend.)

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You saw the gif I posted above, right???

it’s healthy DESPITE gross

Also adding dinuguan

is it healthy?

there’s that woooosh sound again.