My Crazy Area [Northern Westchester County]

Some of y’all may remember the wallaby saga of North Salem [my town]

[that wallaby has been dead for years]

Well, we’ve got a new drama: llama on the loose

It’s a rescue llama.

Poor llama. If people do rescue, they should know what they’re doing.

The wallaby wants you to think that it’s dead. The llama us probably its latest recruit!!! :tfh:

If you see it, she responds to her name: “Dolly.”

Big hitter, the llama

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It’s hiding. With the alpacas.
It’s been a dream of mine to have a field of alpacas with a road sign that says ‘llamas”. I bet I could get away with it too.

Okay, they found it in the woods.

Just wandering. Riiiiiiiiiiiiight… :unamused:

I keep waiting for the wallaby bones to be found

I think Indy evolved to the point where he uploaded his consciousness into a cybernetic body.



(this is not Indy)

Sure it’s not Indy. :grimacing: :shushing_face: :thinking: Were there any major unsolved crimes that happened while “Hoppy” was all hopped up, e.g. mob hit, intricate jewel theft, etc.??? :popcorn:

Has Meep moved to Cincinnati recently?

Our town got visited by the Union Rat!

I’m not going to quote the whole saga, but check this bit out:

All of this is certified payroll and union wages and benefits which are around $90/hour. All of this is being done with the NYS Department of Labor in tow.

I was talking to them about Prevailing and Supplemental wages and it obviously varies per state. Missouri they told me is $20/hour. NYS is around $90/hour.

Just quoting this, as you may remember @ao_fan mentioning the $75/hour for the vaccination center workers in NYC in one of the vaccination threads. Well, the specific jobs mentioned here are sandblasting & painting water tanks.

There used to be offices for a large homebuilder in my office building in Schaumburg. The local carpenters union would picket with a similar rat or 3 because the builder used non-union labor. They would be there from 1 to 3 days a week for months on end.

I always wondered what it would have taken to get the guys and the rats to move over to the SOA offices in Schaumburg when the SOA decided that they would “self approve” themselves for P&C work.

Alas, the SOA & CAS are guilds, not unions.

Maybe they’d do Mr. Peanut with top hat & monocle for the actuarial societies… or, most likely, they wouldn’t care what a bunch of nerds are up to.

potato, potato

Is it just me, or does it look like a big, red-eyed marsupial looking to pounce on the unsuspecting??? :tfh: :kangaroo: :japanese_ogre:

Let me know when one of the actuarial orgs goes on strike against an insurer.