Moving the forum to aws

I need to move the forum. The site right now consumes a server slot in my colo. I need to shift work stuff around and I need the slot free.

Looking at moving it to Amazon web services. I don’t expect much disruption, or any real changes. The forum uses almost no resources so we don’t need a dedicated server.

Just checking to see if anyone has any concerns.


i am concerned at how much of that i didn’t understand


Lead the way Capitan!


I have space for four physical servers. One server is this site. I need that space for work.

So we are moving to the cloud!

I, for one, welcome our new Bezosian overlords.


Moving to aws sounds fine. Moving to dws does not.


What abour moving to daws or adws?

Do I get some kind of discount if I have Amazon Prime?

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Moving to either the Danbury Animal Welfare Society or Arkansas Division of Workplace Services does not sound like a good landing spot. No offense to the hard working animal welfare workers or Arkansans

Whatever you put in your colo is your business. NTTAWTT.

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None from me. Do what’s needful. Thanks for hosting us!

So…interesting. I host all my servers in a ‘carrier hotel’ in Toronto. I’m there because it’s a pretty serious internet connection, really intended for companies like Google, and primary internet carriers.
Just got an account with one of those cloud folks (it won’t be amazon, but similiar). Did a test…and they’re in the same building lol. So that’s even better, I already know the internet connectivity is second to none.


Update, we need almost 200gig? What the hell are you people posting?

Canadian fishing pictures?


It’s our employers, repeatedly scraping the forums, as they try to figure out which of their employees are spending too much time generating content here, rather than updating TPS reports.


Hey now we discuss filings, this is borderline CE!


Transfer likely to happen tomorrow. Expect outages as we have to shut down the site to do a backup, then transfer, then change the dns servers etc. But other than that I’m sure everything will work seamlessly.

We trimmed some of the size, there was some real stupid size requirements but we got that down. It’s still absuredly large, but smaller. e.g. there’s over 40,000 images on the site that we haven’t figure out what’s going on with that yet. No way have we upladed 40k images in the last couple of years.


Thank you for hosting this site and going through all of this!

Now I have a strong desire to post more images though…


Relevant to all…
When S and I set this site up the second time, we were both pretty clear - not doing this for nothing this time. Busy with work, families, etc. Well, covid, etc, and yeah, again there’s no revenue. That’s not a complaint, it’s been easy enough when i had a spare server. But now we’re looking at monthly fees and developer time, etc so there is a admittedly low cost to this ongoing.

So, it’s time for you folks to start paying your share :). And it’s not even going to cost. What I need/want/am asking for, is for anyone that has access to an insurance related website, a link from that website to my business. That helps me in the search engines and translates into money. And my website has a ton of insurance resources - tens of thousands of pages of historical insurance and actuarial info, extensive consumer level information on insurance, and upcoming, an free insurance crm we’re launching. So it’s a high quality website.

Or, if you have the pull with the SOA, get me a link from this page: Mortality and Other Rate Tables . I asked about it, they waffled a bit and then never really got back to me. I do have all the historically significant mortality tables since forever up to when the SOA started publishing, with the exception of one table that was going to cost $17K USD to buy.

Drop me a dm if you can give me a hand…please!


Wait, we have to find some other way to not get work done?