Movies that couldn't be made today

What movies come to mind that couldn’t be made today?

Blazing Saddles, Airplane, Kentucky Fried Movie, and Revenge of the Nerds come to mind.

What other movies come to mind?

other than Blazing Saddles, why not?

Airplane: I think the “jive translation” and the depiction of the gay aircraft controller wouldn’t be well received

Kentucky Fried Movie: have you seen that one?

Revenge of the nerds: i think the depictions of the gay nerd and the asian nerd wouldn’t be well received. Also installing peeping tom cameras and distributing nude photos taken without consent likely wouldn’t. Probably not dressing up in somepne elses costume to have sex with the unwitting girlfriend

But, he was gay, so it was OK? Arguably one of the funniest characters in the movie.

By that token, Modern Family cannot be redone? cuz gays (and straights) acting overgay? Or, shit, SNLs Bowen Yang couldn’t be redone, even though every single week he plays some gay character overgay. (Not saying it’s not funny, but, yeah, sometimes it’s not funny, due to shit writing.)

Revenge of the Nerds? Yeah, some of that stuff would have to be replaced with something else.
Same with Animal House: peeping in a second floor window, sex with a very minor girl (13!), college student sleeping with a professor, college student sleeping with the dean’s very drunk wife,…

I’m sorry that Blazing Saddles is at the top of this list as it was a brilliant parody. Can’t people distinguish between a spoof and truly racist stuff? The folks making politically incorrect comments in the movie are also portrayed as buffoons and bigots. This movie was a masterpiece for calling out people on racism.


Well, a lot of people can, but a large group of very loud (internet-wise) people cannot.

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Richard Pryor was one of the writers. :+1:


Well today, the Jive translation would be meaningless to many. But it was funny, as it was an old white lady. How is the gay controller any different than characters on shows like Will & Grace?

KFM: saw it 45 years ago. May not remember everything
Catholic school girls in trouble - maybe an issue
Fund raiser for death, tasteless but ok
Fist full of yen - no issue at all
Big Jim - no issue
Making out in front of the TV - no issue
Cleopatra Schwartz - fun spoof on all the blaxploitation films of the time no issue

Revenge - I have seen no changes in how gays are portrayed. and the Asian was Asian

Breakfast at Tifffany’s is more offensive
Vitto Scotti often played Asian
When people play outside their race and make up to look like it, I have issues.
Your films, I am not offended

please find another word for “wise”

I agree, but for this and the use of the N-word I can see the offense
But no people can’t tell the difference - All In The Family was brilliant on the satire

To be clear, I am not personally offended by any of these. I just think they wouldn’t get made today without meaningful alterations

Your list omitted the skit I was thinking of the most. Remember Danger Seekers?

I am personally more offended by Merchant Of Venice

How does everyone feel about a white guy playing Othello?

ok, that would be cut. Memory isn’t perfect, like I said, I saw it 45 years ago. But the movie could be made, though need to up date all the 70s references, and agree the one skit would go

Gone With The Wind.
Birth of a Nation.
Holiday Inn (a black-face skit)

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I could take out the hyphen.
But then, it would be no longer a virgin.

actually a long list of those

as for GWTW - Hattie McDaniel played an excellent character and was Oscar nominated
Butterfly McQueen was more traditional for the day. Is there something else I am not remembering?

Birth Of A Nation is as racist as a film can get.

Cobra Kai

Probably the catholic school girl skit too IMO

?? isn’t that a TV series and isn’t it being made today?