Should we start worrying yet?

Public health officials are saying it’s hard to spread.

But at 10% mortality it would be pretty rough if it’s mutated to spread better.

(Explainer: Why monkeypox cases are spreading in Europe, US | Reuters)

Worry? Perhaps. Panic? Not yet.

These are the same experts who told us COVID was nbd, and that masks wouldn’t help (in early 2020…)

Apparently there’s a 10% mortality version and a 1% mortality version.

But monkeys aren’t major carriers. Instead, the virus likely persists in squirrels, pouched rats, dormice or another rodent.

I knew IT! :dog:

Sounds like there is an existing approved vaccine that is not widely available. I presume they could ramp up production quickly if this did become a problem.

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that’s just another trap. i’ll stick with the ivermectin i got at the feed lot


I think it’s the smallpox vaccine, which is somewhat cross reactive. But I’m not certain.

That’s a fairly nasty vaccine. Way more dangerous than the covid vaccine.

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Cranking up production:

Unlike mRNA COVID vaccines, smallpox vaccine is a live virus vaccine, and can cause infection in immuno-compromised people.

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Pretty much everyone who had it was visible scarred for life, too.

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Is that the circle I have on my shoulder?

True, but the live virus isn’t actually smallpox, but cowpox, which has a near-zero mortality rate. I believe the number of people who have died from cowpox or the smallpox vaccine is in the dozens.

Probably. It’s the circle i have behind my shoulder.

Side Effects of Smallpox Vaccination | Smallpox | CDC.

This says the smallpox vaccine has a mortality rate of 1-2 people per million vaccinated. That would be hundreds of deaths just in the US.

Yeah, I was recalling just during the time period of the push for eradication in the 60’s and early 70’s, not all time. And obviously if we vaccinated everyone now, we would be more in the mid hundreds than in the dozens, assuming a comparable mortality rate.

(In the US)

True, and that’s where the word vaccine comes from. Vacca being Latin for cow.

The good news is that monkey pox is not a brand new virus like covid was. There have been outbreaks before. It does not spread easily. And expert judgment about it should be more reliable than it was for covid.